12 “Weird” Ways to Save Money

A few months ago, I asked on my Facebook Page for people to share one “weird” thing they do to save money. I loved reading the responses and compiled a list of some of my favorites — and some of the most shared suggestions.

1. Cut the End Off

Is the toothpaste tube or lotion tube almost gone? Cut the end off of tubes of lotion or toothpaste with scissors and you can get quite a bit more out! I do this for my face moisturizer and face wash can usually get a full extra week’s worth of uses just by this simple hack. (You can store it in a ziptop baggie once you cut the end off so it doesn’t dry out.)

2. Make Your Own Foaming Soap

One way to save a lot of money on hand soap is to make your own foaming hand soap. It takes literally less than 60 seconds to make and is so much less expensive than buying foaming hand soap or hand soap! Here’s the super simple details on how to make it.

3. Add Water

Want to get that last little bit of shampoo or dish soap or body wash or laundry detergent out? Add some water and shake and you’ll have at least enough for another use or two! You can also add broth or water to the pasta sauce jar and shake so you don’t waste any or do the same with milk in the salad dressing bottle.

4. Ask for a Discount

Vanessa said: “I ask service providers (mechanics, plumber, air conditioner repair, etc.), ‘Is that the best you can do?’ Almost always, they knock some money off the bill.”

5. Think in Terms of Hourly Wage

Whenever I’m considering trying a new money-saving tactic, I analyze how much money it will save me per hour.

For instance, let’s say that by making my own foaming soap it takes one minute to make and it saves me $1 from buying a container of foaming soap. That’s like saving $1 per minute or $60 per hour — which is a really good hourly wage….

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