12 ideal jobs for night owls

Let’s face it: some people are just night owls.

Just like those mornings with an alarm clock at 4 o’clock in the morning, followed by the 60-minute Crossfit routine and homemade breakfast, people don’t think so, some of us just work better at night.

However, when it comes to careers, it is difficult to use your night owl abilities. But if you really want to find a job for a night owl, you definitely can. In fact, we have some ideas to help you get started, and most do not require a college degree.

12 best night jobs for night owls

1. Freelance writer

although Free writing It can be business or work, and obviously you can include it in this list, because as long as your brain functions optimally, you can write.Famous writers Franz Kafka, Vladimir Nabokov and George Orwell Write at night.

As a freelance writer, how much money you can make depends on your ability to find good clients and your efficiency.

2. Air traffic controller

This is one of the highest paying night jobs.this Median annual salary of air traffic controllers According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is $124,540.

A college degree is not required to become an air traffic controller, according to Federal Aviation Administration website, Although you have to go to FAA Academy, this can be spent anywhere From 10,000 USD to 30,000 USD According to where you live.

3. Bartender

Bartender is another job that can be done without a bachelor’s degree, as long as you work in the right place and are assigned to the right shift. Fortunately, the night shift is the best reminder for night owls. Weekends are usually better than working days, so if you are already working during the week, a bartender can be a good part-time second job.

What is the actual income of the bartender? This is a good question, and your answer will depend on who you talk to. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income of bartenders is less than $20,000.

But this is far from accurate, The real bartender saysBecause it doesn’t consider what the bartender brings home (read: cash tips). In his investigation, he found that the annual income of bartenders is close to 46,000 US dollars, even this seems conservative.

Having said that, bartender is a good job for night owls and can lead a decent life.

4. Security Guard

Night shift security posts tend to be more relaxed, and some also set aside free time for various activities that do not interfere with work. The disadvantage is salary.

The BLS report stated that Median annual salary of security personnel Only $28,490. However, they do notice that 10% of security guards earn more than $49,000, so pay attention to those night shifts with higher salaries, or work hard in their own way. They must be there.

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5. Babysitter

In recent years, being a nanny has become more profitable for adults. Since you are an independent contractor, you can decide when you want to work. In other words, you can only accept work that starts at night, and you can even provide night nanny services for other night owls working in the night shift.

Care Network Said that the national average rate of babysitting is just over $15 per hour. Night sitters may earn more.

6. Fireman

this Average annual salary of firefighters It’s $49,620, a full 25%, up to $67,100 per year.

Perhaps the best position is in a town, where you need to work long shifts and stay at the station until there is an emergency call. On those long and slow nights, you can usually read, exercise or watch TV.

And, although firefighters don’t treat this job as a hero, they certainly do. There is no doubt that we love our first responders.

7. Mail sorter

USPS hires for both Full-time and part-time positionsSome of them are during night shifts, including mail sorters.

Every fall, the post office hires thousands of seasonal workers during the peak season for parcels and deliveries. Mail sorting is not difficult, does not require any previous experience, and pays a competitive salary.The night shift starts from 11pm to the end of mail sorting, usually between 5am and 7am

These positions usually do not offer any benefits. This is not a career, but a good way to earn extra cash through night shifts.

8. Pizza delivery driver

It’s true that ordinary pizza delivery drivers Earn $16.40 per hour. This is all about tipping, because most places pay the minimum wage, some may only pay Minimum wage for tipping employees, Only $2.13 per hour.

Nevertheless, being a pizza delivery driver can provide a good sideline income, especially if you work night shifts on weekends, when tipping is best. This can also help if your employer provides a vehicle or pays extra for your car.

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9. Registered nurse

If you like to help people facing health problems, then care may be for you. Of course, hospitals will never be closed, so night shift positions are always an option.

This is not a career you want to enter easily, because obtaining a degree requires years of commitment and school education. However, if nursing is your passion, it pays off. The average annual salary of a registered nurse (RN) in 2019 is $77,640. According to the nurse’s license map.

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Not ready to go to that school? Nurse assistants can work at night and only need a high school diploma and complete vocational training courses.

10. Commodity inventory

All grocery stores and hypermarkets employ these unsung heroes of the retail industry, which means there are many such night shifts. Post Code Recruitment Currently, nearly 50,000 jobs related to commodity inventory are listed, with an average annual salary of approximately US$28,000.

No, you won’t become rich because of this night shift job, but it can provide you with some nice collateral cash and help you solve the night owl problem at the same time.

11. Limousine driver

If you like to drive a good car and don’t mind dressing a little fancy, then driving a luxury car may be your best choice. You need a good driving record and a flexible schedule-including night shifts in most cases.

According to Zip Recruiter, as a limousine driver, you can earn about $39,000 a year on average.

12. Baker

Peace, quiet, and the constant smell of freshly baked bread. Will it get better?

Depending on the employer, you may or may not need additional education to get a baking job. A better restaurant, working as a pastry chef, may require a degree in cooking. But in smaller local areas or larger grocery stores, you may not need it.

Again, you won’t be rich because of a baker-but if it’s a passion, who cares, right?

Robert Bruce is the senior author of The Penny Hoarder.

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