11 Free Tools to Get You Started

Whether it’s a calling, a passion, a way to make money — or some combination of all three, writing is a pretty rewarding way to spend your time, not that I’m biased.

But before you set out for your favorite cafe with a typewriter and a funky hat (neither of which are an actual requirement of the profession), hear this. There are actually several online tools that can help you get your career as a wordsmith off the ground — without spending a dime.

In this list, I’ve included 11 of my absolute favorite (and completely free) writing tools currently on the market. Whether you’re looking for a distraction-free writing platform, a way to save your ideas on-the-go, or a keen editing buddy — these freebies have something for every writer. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite free writing tool.

11 Online Tools for Writers

For new writers and old pros alike, here are 11 free online tools to help.

1. Google Docs

It isn’t glamorous, but it is free, and it certainly does get the job done. With plenty of free storage, and endless ways to organize your work into folders (and share it with other writers and editors), Google Docs is a must-have for any serious writer.

You can access Google Docs simply by signing in (or signing up) for a Gmail Account. From there, you can create new documents and folders, spreadsheets (which can be super helpful for tracking your taxable income), and so much more.

2. Draft

Think of Draft as an online, distraction-free word processor. With many of the same features as Google Docs, draft offers a cleaner, simpler interface. If you’re the type of person to become easily distracted while writing, you might want to give Draft a try.

One of the best things about this word processor is the automatic word-count tracker, which allows you to set up and easily track your daily word count goals.

3. FocusWriter

Another great free tool for easily-distracted writers, FocusWriter answers the call with that…

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