100 Free Things to Do to Tame Your Entertainment Budget

If your entertainment spending is causing you to go over budget, it’s time to make some changes.

Don’t worry. We’re not suggesting you lock yourself in the house and do nothing but eat, sleep and pay bills — after all, we did that for a couple of years. Thank you COVID.

Still, with inflation eating through our budgets faster than a rabbit with a carrot, we’ve just got to find other ways to enjoy ourselves that won’t put us in the red.

We’ve compiled a list of 100 free things to do to keep boredom at bay but that also won’t keep you from buying groceries or gas. That’s right, free. Incorporate some of these suggestions in your life, and have fun without feeling guilty about your finances.

Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

Free Things to Do Outdoors

1. Visit a park. Get some fresh air and take a walk through a nearby park. Bring your four-legged friend along too.

2. Go to the farmers market. The farmers market can be a great place to buy affordable produce, but you don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy your trip. Browse local artisans’ goods, taste samples and listen to live music.

3. Take a hike. Enjoy the health benefits of hiking while immersed in nature.

4. Go biking. Grab your set of wheels and take off on a trail. If you prefer a more urban setting, bike around the city to check out public murals or notable landmarks.

5. Go camping. Swapping a hotel room for a campground is one way to slash vacation costs. If you can’t find a free campsite in your area, turn your backyard into one. Borrow a tent from a friend if you don’t already have one.

6. Spend time around the fire pit. Enjoy this traditional camping activity, even if you don’t plan to sleep outdoors. Roast marshmallows for s’mores or crack open a beer as you sit around the flames.

7. Plan a picnic. Pack a lunch and some snacks and head to a park for a “dining out” experience you won’t have to pay for at the end.

8. Fly a kite. You can make your own…

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