10 Things You Should Rent Instead of Buy Like Coffins & Power Tools

People have been renting cars, wedding tents and folding chairs for decades. Renting dresses is now a regular practice for women who love high fashion. But online companies as well as independent entrepreneurs are steadily increasing the array of things consumers can rent instead of buy. Most often the rental period is flexible and renting will save money.

There are a variety of reasons to rent a tool, instrument or fabulous dress instead of paying the purchase price. You may need to use it only once. Or perhaps you don’t want to be limited to just one type of circular saw or strapless maxi dress.

And, often it makes sense to rent something once or twice, even if you do end up buying so you end up with something you love.

Then there’s also the lure of reducing the clutter in your home and the trash in landfills. The more products are rented and reused, the less they are bought and discarded. “Reduce new” is a growing catchphrase, and renting is a way to achieve it.

10 Things You Can Rent Instead of Buy

1. A Coffin From a Funeral Home

This is an item that most definitely is used only once. With the average casket carrying a retail price of $2,000 up to $10,000, casket rentals can be a big money saver. Most funeral homes will rent a casket for about $1,000, but salespeople don’ t always tell you that when they are trying to sell one. So you might need to come right out and ask your funeral director for particular rental options.

When a customer rents the casket for a loved one, a wooden box actually holds the body in the interior of the casket, which looks much more elegant at a funeral service. The interior box is lowered into the ground and the casket can be rented again .

2. Baby Gear for Traveling Light

Renting baby equipment whether from a hotel, local agency or big company can save money and stress. Harried parents don’t have to worry about traveling with their own jogging stroller, high chair and crib. And folks hosting young…

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