10 embarrassing online shopping failed to avoid this holiday

No need to wait in long lines in crowded shops to get the perfect holiday gift at the best price. All kinds of great discounts can be found online.

But when you try to stick to your budget, online shopping has its own dangers. With virtual purchases, you can easily purchase a truckload of goods with just a few clicks-without really paying attention to the amount you spend in real life.

Before clicking the “Buy Now” button, please review how to avoid these 10 common mistakes made when shopping online.

10 online shopping mistakes to avoid this holiday season

When you browse your vacation online and find out, please avoid these pitfalls so as not to spend a fortune on your own.

1. Bewildered by terrible discounts

When is the Black Friday promotion not a real promotion? When the discount is not better than the discount you usually receive.

For example, if you can usually find your favorite shoe brand for $50—even if the “recommended retail price” is $90—consider using the $50 benchmark. Therefore, if the retailer advertises a 50% discount on this pair of shoes, but the discount is less than the regular suggested retail price of $90, there will not be a big deal because you will only save $5 from the price you usually pay.

Let it be a lesson, just because an item is listed on the website’s sales page does not mean that something is worth your money.

2. Spend more money to get “free” shipping

We have all been there. You know that if your order totals more than $50, you can get free shipping, but your shopping cart is $48.50.

Maybe you can find something that meets the minimum requirement for $1.50…or you may just put the $10 item in an item that you don’t really need but can ship for free.

Instead of sorting the sales parts from low to high, stay away from the virtual shopping cart and reconsider your original purchase.

Is it worth paying to ship the original items and stick to your original budget? Or consider other shipping options offered by retailers-can you use the shipping-to-store option that allows you to save on shipping costs and drive to pick up the goods?

3. Don’t give up your shopping cart

Yes, putting a cart full of things in a physical store may be a bad form, but by doing this online, you can get better deals.

When you leave an item in the shopping cart and close your browser, some retail websites trigger email coupons. Leave your shopping cart for a few hours (or a day), and you may receive an email with the content “What have you forgotten? Come on, discount!”

If you don’t need to place an order immediately, then a brief indecision can help you get a better deal.

4. Fall in love with expensive promotional products

Websites such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay know that consumers want convenience — and are easily distracted by the first item they see in search results. Therefore, even if you choose to sort by price from lowest to highest, they will place the advertised product in the search results.

Before you click on the item that looks attractive, consider it to be within your price range, and double-check whether it is an indicator of a promotional product.

5. Do not shop in incognito mode

Did you know that some online shopping sites will show higher prices based on your location, time of purchase, and whether you viewed products on the site earlier?

Shop in the private mode of your browser to avoid retailers raising prices to get you to buy immediately.

6. Shopping when drunk, tired or hungry

no, do not want.

This is why you end up with a skirt that is two sizes smaller than the one you usually wear, because you think you might end up wearing it. This is the final sale. Just don’t do it.

If you have a tendency to shop while drinking or shopping late at night because you are trying to cure insomnia, please do yourself a favor and protect your wallet from the worst shopping tendency.

Put a few Shopping guarantee Put it in place to prevent your retail hangover.

7. Don’t do research

Never make an impulse purchase based solely on the picture of the product.

Do you Read reviews For the product? (If you peek at the photos uploaded by users, points will be awarded.)

Have you checked the specifications of expensive electronic products to ensure that you get a high-quality product? Or does it have the connectors you need to handle your current settings?

Have you checked the clothes size chart?

If you can’t say that there is a reason to buy this product, please stay away from your laptop. You are not ready to buy.

8. Do not check the return policy

Many online stores allow you to return items, but some of them also allow you to jump over obstacles before getting your money back.

Before you buy, please check the store’s restrictions on returns and understand how much will be deducted from your refund (return shipping fee or replenishment) if you return the product.

9. No cash back plan

If you are not shopping online through a cashback portal, then you have missed the free funds.

Look at these Google Chrome extension — They will automatically detect if there are discounts, cash back offers or transactions on your purchases.

If you use Credit cards that provide cash back or bonus points.

10. No budget

Before, when you went to the store, you might already have a list, or if you Shopping with cash You will know how much money you have left to spend. Online shopping is easier to get out of control because you can jump from one site to another-and you can do it at any time.

In addition, online retailers will recommend similar products you might like based on your search, thereby deliberately making you spend more money.

If you set aside an hour before starting holiday shopping to check your numbers and create one Holiday budget, You will be able to make the holiday cheer (and more cash) last into the new year.

Lisa Rowan is the former writer of The Penny Hoarder. Full-time writer/editor Tiffany Wendeln Connors and senior writer Nicole Dow contributed to this article.

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