10 Creative, Cheap Wedding Venues for Couples on a Budget

Planning to tie the knot this year? Ask anyone in the throes of prepping for a wedding and they will tell you how stressful wedding planning can be. Add in budget woes, and stress levels start to skyrocket.

Even if you aren’t looking to throw the most ostentatious party of the year, even the most simple weddings aren’t the casual city-hall affair they used to be. In 2021, couples spent an average of $34,000 on their weddings according to this recent report from The Knotwith roughly 30% of that budget ($10,700) devoted to paying for the wedding venue alone.

But if that sounds extravagant (and a bit irresponsible for one single day of your life), not to worry. A little resourcefulness can go a long way when it comes to reducing the cost of your wedding. And we promise, it is actually possible to find a venue that won’t cost the equivalent of a down payment on a house. In fact, some of these are free wedding venues.

10 Places to Tie the Knot and Some Are Free Venues

So if you’re itching to cross “wedding venue” off your to-do list, keep reading. Here’s our list of ideas for affordable and free wedding venues to help you plan your nuptials without breaking the bank.

1. A Friends’ Scenic Property

Having friends with property is the 2022 equivalent of having friends with tickets to your favorite (insert sports team or music artist here) event. And if they’re really good friends, they might just let you say “I do” plus have the after -party on their property.

Maybe they have a wide open field that would work well with a rented tent, or an old barn you could decorate into the shabby-chic venue of your dreams. Ponds or pools also make for a great backdrop for wedding photos of you and your sweetheart .

If you want to use your friend’s place as a free wedding venue, be sure to run through a list of logistics with them — paying special attention to things like parking, bathrooms, catering, seating, etc. Be open to hiring…

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