10 Cheap Ways to Make Friends in a New City

You took the plunge and left one city behind and moved to a new place. That means all kinds of new experiences and adventures.

It also means making new friends, which can be difficult as an adult. It’s likely you moved to take advantage of a lower cost of living so having some cheap ways to make new friends is also helpful.

So how do you meet adult friends when you move to a new place? Experts say it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to make friends as an adult.

Why Is It Harder to Make Friends as We Get Older?

As we get older, priorities change and we have more responsibilities which makes casual interactions less likely. We’re more intentional about who we spend our time with, and don’t meet a lot of people at one time like we did when we were in school. Work-from-home situations where we meet and see fewer people in person add more challenges.

And then there are expectations.

A lot of us are still holding on to that fantasy of “Friends” and are hoping to connect with a bunch of like-minded people at a coffee shop. That’s not realistic, said Danielle Bayard Jackson, a certified friendship coach and founder of Friend Forwarda digital community that helps people make and maintain true friendships.

Breaking into established friend groups is difficult and takes time.

“I think there is a fear of rejection that is central to so many things. Friend-making is all about finding people who like you for who you are and by its nature, it can be a little nerve wracking because it is a voluntary relationship ,” Jackson said.

Research shows it takes somewhere between 40 and 60 hours to form a casual friendship in the first six weeks of meeting, but those people don’t always transition to becoming better friends.

Around half the time, people become friends after spending about 80 to 100 hours together.

Good friendships take much longer.

Those averages come from Jeffrey Hall who authored a 2018 study about making friends…

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