Why Use Renewable Energy Sources?

Bærum Energi has recently focused on sponsorship and a greater presence in the local community to both spread awareness and show their support of activities that benefit the residents.

In the world of marketing, there are many ways for a company to promote itself and what they do. Bærum Energi has recently focused on sponsorship and a greater presence in the local community to both spread awareness and show their support of activities that benefit the residents. When you first hear about a company curiosity and wanting to know more about what they offer is a common response. Renewable energy has become a common topic in both the industry and in discussions about power sources. Renewables offer many advantages as a power source including the following.

The Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources

  • Low or No Greenhouse Gases: traditional energy sources such as coal produce a lot of greenhouse gases when being consumed to produce energy. These gases further increase the overall temperature of the planet endangering animal species, delicate ecosystems, and food production. The greatly reduced greenhouse gas production of renewables is far safer for the continued health of the planet.
  • Reduced Pollution: gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels can harm overall public health. This increase in air pollution reduces air quality which can negatively impact your health and make daily life difficult if you have respiratory issues such as asthma. Fossil fuel emissions can stem from energy production and the use of common modes of transportation such as automobiles. Renewable sources can greatly reduce such harmful emissions and greatly improve public health.
  • Improves The Local Economy: renewable energy is a growth industry and this helps your local economy by creating jobs both building and maintaining renewable energy plants and equipment. As renewables often make use of local energy sources such as hydropower or solar farms that means these jobs stay in your local community improving both your city and in a broader sense the country.
  • A Stronger Power Grid: using renewables makes your local power grid more diverse. Having several power sources and a less centralized system means that local power becomes less centralized. This means that weather issues or system breakdowns that affect the local power grid can be better mitigated by using renewable energy sources as both power sources and backups.
  • Price Advantages: much of the renewable energy that is produced is done so locally. As a local energy source, this can be more affordable than alternatives that have to transport fuel sources such as coal or gas. Solar energy, hydro energy, and geothermal power are just three examples of renewable energy sources that can be used. Renewables often have a price advantage due to the fact its local production has fewer outside stressors or variables. For example, supply chain problems, geopolitical issues, and natural disasters can all affect fuel costs.
  • Accessible and Stable: renewable energy sources come in different types. This broad selection of power sources means that renewable energy-based power plants can be established in many types of environments making use of whatever natural energy source is common in the area. In addition, due to being localized and maintained these energy sources can provide a very stable energy source less reliant on outside fuel sources which can be affected by various issues.

Final Thoughts

Renewable energy has been in development for many years and as the technology has improved so has the reach of renewable power sources. Many homeowners now have options for powering their homes using energy providers that focus on using renewables as a key part of their energy strategy and infrastructure. If you’ve been looking for an affordable and environmentally healthy way of powering your home renewables offer you that opportunity. Even small steps can help make the world a safer and healthier place.

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