Tips for Moving from Ontario to Quebec

Aiming for a quick move from Ontario to Quebec, Canada? Well we’ve got some news for you. It’s a long ride from Ontario to Quebec, so you’ll want to be sure to make it as painless as possible. You only want to make one trip, right? Because you probably don’t want to be driving multiple 48-hour trips, you may think about what you can do to ease your mind, but still make the relocation transition a little easier on yourself. That would be like driving all the way from Miami, Florida to Seattle, Washington (for those Americans who want to put it into their own perspective). So, let’s get on with it.

Get Rid of Junk

If you’re moving that far, one of the best methods to minimize your move is to start fresh. Get rid of a lot of things that you don’t absolutely need, material items you don’t need to take with you, etc. To start planning, you can even put everything towards restocking for your move later. That big screen TV? Sell it, then throw the money into a savings account or bank account to buy a new one later.

A closet full of clothes? Well, you need some clothes, but mainly the essentials. Try to fit what you can into a suitcase or two. If you can pack about a week’s worth of clothes, and all of your travel necessities (toothbrushes, etc.) then do that. As far as everything else that is completely unneeded, pitch them or sell them. And forget about moving your food too!

Sort Your Belongings

Just as you would when you move “close to home”, sort your items by putting them into categories, or even “rooms”. Like bathroom stuff goes into the bathroom box, silverware goes into kitchen, etc. Chances are, if you’re moving 3,000 miles away though, you may not want to take ALL of your belongings with you, so number one still is easy enough. Keep only the things that have extreme or sentimental value. If you’re moving across country, you may want to make sure that you aren’t losing anything valuable.

Make a Solid Map

A road map? Yes, have that too. But you need to map out your time, money, and just about everything you need in order to make your move from Ontario to Quebec a little easier. You don’t have to plan everything 100% perfect, but you do need a game plan. And you are moving to a new area, so you don’t want to end up getting lost numerous times while you’re moving, or even your first days there.


Moving across an entire country, but it’s not impossible. At the same time, you can make things so much easier by minimizing your inventory. You can even use some moving services in order to schedule your move. Just make sure you take a good inventory list of what is, and what isn’t going to be taken. And if you’re flying to your new destination, remember, the moving company usually isn’t (unless you use a moving company that utilizes air freight, but this can be quite costly). Make the most of your time and money by planning ahead and removing the clutter from your daily life, then starting to pack and get ready for your move.

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