Indian Wedding Male Guest Guide – What Attire to Wear on Different Functions and How to Choose According to Body Type?

Indian wedding

What will you wear as a male guest at an Indian wedding? Today, even men can put together awesome looks, which not just make them appear handsome but grab attention, during the wedding functions.

Sadly, unlike women, men have limited ethnic wear choice with respect to style and variety. Here is a list, which can be worn at any wedding to make a stunning impression.

You can never go wrong with –

Classic back suit

Well-fitted classic black suit can never go wrong. Wear it with well-tailored solid coloured shirt. A slim tie or formal scarf is sufficient to attend a reception dinner or cocktail party. Tuxedos also have unmatched panache. They change your aura completely.

Formal jackets

Winter wedding allows choosing fabrics like suede, velvets, or corduroy. A debonair dark coloured dinner jacket can instantly improve your appearance. Wear a pair of formal shoes to complete this mandarin look.

Brown and beige magic

Instead of Indian clothes, you can choose plain crisp white or blue coloured slim-fit shirt and pair it with brown/beige pants and brown shoes. You look decently dressed for more informal functions like bachelor’s party or outdoor morning function.

Indian wedding

Semi-casual waist coat

If you desire to look dressed partially then mix & match casual with formal. A casual stylish shirt paired with linen pants or trousers and adding a waist coat over is sufficient to look dressed up for the wedding. Today, you get plenty of waist coat styles to select from. Visit Nihal’s Fashion website to see the latest fashion collection.

Elegant bandhgala

Well-tailored Bandhgala will make you appear like royal. Team it with colourful pocket scarf and move around the wedding functions with elegance. This is also an apt outfit for formal functions like engagement and reception.

Indo-Western twist

The latest trend is the Indo-western fusion. You can combine long silk kurta with straight narrow bottom Western style pants for wedding. You can wear a solid coloured Western suit over white pants and white kurta. Blazer or sleeveless jacket helps to navigate through the celebrations like a pro.

Afghani suit

If you have a physique then why hide it. An Afghani suit with folded up sleeves can show your strong biceps. It can be worn for a casual visit to wedding house or on sangeet, haldi or mehendi function. Certainly, this outfit is a female attention grabber.

Simple but evergreen kurta pyjama

Indian kurta pyjama is simple but when paired with waistcoat along with juttis makes you look sophisticated. Play with fabric and colours to look little different but classy on your relative’s or close friends wedding.


Achkan with strings of pearls attaching the buttons or pocket paired with dhoti looks actually graceful. You look subtly deshi as well as videshi. A pair of mojaris adds to the look. For example, plain fabric, suede, embroidered velvet, etc are terrific options for winter season occasions.

With bandhgalas, sherwani, or classic kurta to wear, men will never look out of place as wedding guests. However, depending on your role and kind of wedding you will need to choose.

Tips for Indian wedding guest outfit

Have a good understanding is crucial to select the right wedding guest attire. Knowledge of colour combination and what outfits to wear or avoid at an Indian wedding as guest is necessary.

What male wedding guests need to wear?

Obviously, dress decently and smartly. Most preferred male wedding guest’s attire is sherwani and kurti. The most important aspect while deciding the wedding male guest outfit will depend on your relationship with the groom and bride.

Some basic relationship understanding with wedding clothes

  • Close family members – Silk sherwani is appropriate
  • Close to groom or bride – Opt for bandhgalas
  • Friend – Kurta pajama with scarf is good
  • Colleague – Western suit is cool

Colours to choose for Indian wedding

Preferred colours

The preferred colours for Indian weddings are bright and vibrant. Avoid colours like white, red, and black. Western attire is not proper for Indian weddings. The male guest needs to wear a bright, simple, and catchy outfit.

Red is reserved traditionally for the bride. You don’t desire to overshadow the bride as a male guest. Black and white are regarded as mourning colours, so are inauspicious to be worn on this sacred function. Rainbow is totally acceptable colour for wedding guests.

Colours as per the region

Colours to be worn will depend on the region wedding takes place in India, so research in advance to get a clear perspective of available choices. It will help you choose the right outfit, so as to fit precisely in the bright and vibrant Indian wedding crowd.

Colours for the season

Colours of outfit also need to consider the time and season. For a daytime wedding in spring or summer light greys, tans, pastels, green, blue, red, and other bright colours are great. Dark colours are heavily saturated like dark grey, or navy blue or dark purple, etc. These are the best options for night-time weddings or in fall or winter seasons.

Indian wedding attire for male guest

Weddings are gala events full of show, pomp, and colour. Wedding rituals include many kinds of functions like haldi, mehendi, sangeet, pheres, and reception. Indian male guests can choose to dress up in ethnic wear like bright coloured kurti, sherwani, bandhgala or ethnic suit. Pair them with bottom wear like churidars, Patiala, straight pants, dhoti pants, etc. footwear that blend well with traditional menswear are Kolhapuris, jutis, mojaris, and shoes can be worn with Western suit.

Accessories like plain or printed or embroidered dupatta with kurta or a small brooch on the shoulder can enhance a plain white lengthy chicken kurta. Have your hair styled accordingly or inspired from male celebrities.

Some wedding etiquette will depend on the region or place wedding takes place. For example, if the wedding is at a Gurudwara then men need to carry a handkerchief for covering their heads, during the ritual. They will even need to remove their footwear, before entering the place of worship.

What to avoid?

Gaining knowledge about what not to wear at Indian wedding is also crucial.

  • Never wear knee length shorts or trousers, flip-flops, jeans or T-shirts, and gloomy colours [black & white].
  • Generally, outfits need to be traditional, modest, unrevealing, elegant and respectful to Indian traditions.
  • Never go dressed casually because you will be surrounded by well-dressed crowd. Therefore, avoid those ‘Normal day’ look and wear festive outfit for the wedding.

Indian weddings last for a couple of days and you will be invited on series of celebrations, as male guest. You can dress differently on each occasion in style.

Tips for male guests to wear on every wedding event

Mehendi night

Mehendi is pre-wedding ceremony, which involves plenty of singing and dancing. Mehendi or henna is a traditional form of body art applied on the bride’s hand and feet. Only the close relatives and friends are invited to a mehendi party. If you are the lucky one then remember that traditional attire is not needed for Mehendi night but a kurta with pajama or regular pants will be fine.

Kurtas are loose fitting tops very comfortable but stylish. However, skip white or pastel clothes during this function to avoid getting mehendi stains accidently on your outfit.

Sangeet or garba night

In this pre-wedding evening event, both families come together. Women sing wedding songs and dance with the bride and groom. Groom and male family members wear evergreen kurta pajamas with dupattas or go for latest Indo-Western designer outfits like wearing a Nehru jacket or suave waistcoat over kurtas and dhoti pants. Choose linen or cotton material because sangeet or garba means dancing. You wish to dance freely without being uncomfortable. In case, you don’t wish to wear traditional clothes opt for linen or khaki suit.

Haldi ceremony

Everyone gets to smear the groom and bride with turmeric paste [haldi]. You need to wear simple kurta pajamas with orange or yellow shades, which can survive the accidental haldi stains.

Wedding rituals

Indian weding starts with Ganeshpooja conducted by both grooms and bride’s families at their respective homes or in the mandap [venue].

If you are part of baraat then wear something comfy and light. Avoid anything heavy because there will be plenty of dancing during the baraat procession.

Light kurta pajama is cool for summer wedding. Heavy fabric, embroidery work or stones are all for the groom. In case, you wish to wear Western suit then choose some colour rather than white, so as to be in synch with Indian wedding environment.

In many regions, guests have to sit on floor for some rituals, so be sure to wear a loose outfit which allows sitting cross-legged for some/extended time. Length of actual wedding ceremony is long-lasting [Kanyaadan, manglashtaak, mangalsutra, saatphere, and ashirwad], so wear an outfit which you won’t ache to change as soon as possible.


Obviously, you can suit up and be calm for the reception. To add a stylish and exciting touch to traditional white shirt and black suit combination wear slim tie or bow tie or printed tie with tie pin.

How to dress at Indian wedding as male guest according to body style?

A well-fit outfit defines well-dressed male. Wearing ill fit clothes can make one feel unflattering or uncomfortable. To tuck the flab in holding breath can turn your purple. Therefore. Ensure to style in a way to complement your physique instead of following trends blindly. You can look well-groomed and flattering without any trouble. Certain cuts and prints do visual things to a silhouette.

It will either reduce or expand the size of a specific element like thin, vertical lines can make you appear slim or patterned legs can make your long legs look smaller. The concept is that certain things sync better with specific body types as they emphasize the positive and avert from the negativity.

Every man does not resemble fashion model for the menswear collection. Here are tricks to hide the undesired body part and transform your looks.

Recognize your body kind

Stock body

Heavy body can work fine with kurtas having flowing fabrics rather than the more structured sherwanis, which can highlight waist bulge. Baggy or very tight outfit or shrewanis with panels can add to your bulk. Dhoti style bottom with sherwani or kurta can distract the eyes from midriff. In addition, a loose open jacket or stole can accentuate the dress and simultaneously camouflage the bulk.

Short body

Avoid long sherwanis or kurtas or anything that is below the knees. Choose Jodhpuri nadhgala, short kurta, or achkan to create a delusion of height. Designers recommend that short Indian men need to avoid fusion. They need to go total ethnic or complete Western. Turban is also a good addition because all eyes will be on the headgear and face instead of the height. Pagadi can add few inches of height. Even avoid outfit with trimmings and embellishments because it grabs attention to your height.

Tall and skinny body

Lean and tall body structure needs designs, which adds breadth to the appearance. A short kurta or western suit cuts your tall silhouette horizontally to diminish your tall profile. Hip covering bandhgalas with broad bottoms like dhotis and salwar is a great option because it gives width to your legs. Dark hues will make lean and tall man appear slimmer, so play with eye pleasing pastels. In addition, jackets, dupattas, and stoles help to add volume to your entire look.

There is no formula to conceal flaws. However, you need to learn ways to move around with poise. Trend does not matter even if you dress in a simple kurta as male guest but be sharp and confident. Best wedding outfit in reality is something comfortable, which you can carry around with dignity.

Indian wedding etiquettes besides dressing

Socialize with the guests attending the Indian wedding. Respect the elders and be helpful [offer a seat or get snacks from buffet table] because they will adore you for this good manner. Never try to leave as soon as you had some snacks. Get involved to show your respect towards the bride, groom, and their families.

In India, guests are symbolized as God, so serving them with good food is a tradition. It is said to bring best wishes and blessings to the couple. Therefore, enjoy the wedding treat specially selected for the big day.

With colourful outfit, poise, good attitude, and best manners, male guests can have lots of fun at a big Indian wedding.

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