Best Interior Designers in Montreal QC

When you’re looking to spice up your home in Montreal, Quebec, one of the best interior designers in Montreal, QC can help you make your home look amazing and beautiful with creative décor and styling then look no further, because we’ve got them here.

Why Do I Need Interior Design?
Interior design is a designated field. It’s like landscaping for inside your house. Therefore, you have to think both inside the box, and out of the box a lot of times, utilizing creative lighting and decorative expertise to make sure that the person’s home feels warm and the way they want it just by looking at it. Otherwise, you can use the best interior designer you hire to make your home look however you want it. Many times though, their job is to be the creative drive that is the final touch of your home décor.

Here’s the Top 5 List:

  1. North Interior Design
    With a wonderful and collaborative design and customer service skill set, North – Interior Design Montreal can design a wonderful array of style at your doorstep. They understand that communication is the key point of business, and know how to make your experience personable. They also are wonderful with knowing how to work within your budget, and know how and when they can be flexible. They are the most excellent choice for all around quality design, as they are good at many different styles of homes from old-fashioned, to modern and contemporary.
  2. WOW Great Place
    This is the only Montreal interior decorator that has won the most consecutive Best of Houzz awards (so they claim). They are a second best when it comes to choice in order to have a unique customer service and design experience. They are well experienced, and specialize in almost every aspect of your home design. They’ve had numerous clients, but interestingly enough, many of their comment clients are not even listed on their portfolio. Something to think about and watch out for.
  3. Vanessa Lipari Design
    This interior decorator appears to fly solo, and she has served the common Terrebonne area numerous a handful of times. While she appears to be somewhat new, she knows what she’s doing and has already won multiple Houzz badges, as well as the Best of Houzz for 2018 in service award. Her clients all seem very happy with the work that this designer can provide, and you may too!
  4. Rebecca Mitchell Interiors
    This is one of our top 5 designers who utilizes her skills in CAD for helping her customers in full customer design. She has 10 Best of Houzz awards and a few badges, and has about 77 projects that she can add to her belt. While simply not the best, this is still another one of our top 5 based on the years that this interior designer has done the job right.
  5. TOC Design
    As one of the most reviewed interior designers on the Houzz list, TOC design has multiple awards, and has been one of the best interior designers in Montreal, QC since 2013. This design team has more than 25 years of experience in interior design, construction and reconstruction, as well as remodeling experience. Utilizing a full arsenal of tools, from CAD services all the way to actually doing the grunt work, TOC design has been known to show their stuff.

While there are all sorts of great interior designers, even the top of the list can’t compete with all of the things that North Interior Designs offers. They have more experience than any of those listed in the remaining top 4, and have received a 5 star rating on Google for their services. They don’t just utilize one person when it comes to their interior design, they’re an entire team who collaborate and work together to give you the best experience for your home.

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