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Oxinova: The complete solution against wrinkles and expression marks. Oxinova is imported from Italy, where the science of beauty and cosmetics is decades ahead of Brazil. Unlike the products available at pharmacies, stores, and other sites, we have actual research results to show. This means that Oxinova is better than any other anti-aging you’ve ever experienced in life.

Oxinova is a facial anti-aging product that will rid your skin from expression lines and wrinkles for a younger-looking self. This treatment has two products; a cream and capsule, for specific actions and benefits delivery. This cream provides the skin with deep hydration while the capsule protects the skin from aging signs. The product can be bought on the official company website and goes for $150 for a month supply, $130 per month for two months’ supply and $ 110 per month for three months’ supply.

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How Oxinova (Nova Repair) works

From its two forms, Oxinova Cream focus on eliminating the external visible aging signs on the skin’s surface like the wrinkles and fine lines while Oxinova Capsule acts on the main cause of aging from deep within the skin surface.


Oxinova Cream Ingredients Are:

  • Simmondsia Chinesis Extract and Olea Europear Fruit Oil – Improve* cells regeneration by triggering the renewal cycle of the skin. This promotes* skin renewal and production of molecules that offer support to skin cells around.
  • Lupinus Albus Extract and Helianthus Annus Seed Oil – It increase* production and offer protection to type 1 collagen. This increases* skin elasticity and balance skin moisture thus improving* on the shape of the face.
  • Oryza Sastiva Extract – It shields the skin from external damage thus increasing* cells’ longevity and DNA protection by sirtuins activation.

Oxinova capsules ingredients are:

  • Vitamin E – This antioxidant supports a healthy immune system by improving* the metabolic functions.
  • Omega 3 – This essentialfatty-acid promotes* cell regeneration thus preventing skin from premature aging and maintains a healthy skin.
  • Vitamin C and B1 – They contain anti-oxidant properties thus prevent damage on the skin by free radicals.

Oxinova Pros

  • Reduce appearance of aging signs
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Increase production and protection of collagen
  • Promote skin hydration

Oxinova Cons

  • Can only be bought online – Buy Oxinova online in Brazil

Oxinova Reviews

Oxinova Reviews

Oxinova seems like a promising anti-aging combination of cream and capsule to deliver deep skin hydration and reduced* signs of aging on the skin surface. The two forms of Oxinova are claimed to offer the skin with improved* cellular functions and anti-aging benefits which also can be found in other age-defying products in the market in either of the two forms. This treatment is claimed to consist of natural ingredients with no effect on human after use but it is advised to visit your health provider before adding this supplement to your daily intake. To get satisfying results, one should not exceed the daily recommended dosage.

There are no reported side effects in association to its use.

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