Creamy Chicken Rice Soup


Cooking skills

Exchange chicken breasts. Chicken thighs add a rich, authentic flavor to this soup recipe. However, if you like low-fat, low-calorie soup, you can use chicken breast.

Use roast chicken. Try harder to cook the chicken thighs to make the soup taste the best. However, if you don’t have enough time and still want to make this soup, buy a roast chicken or any leftover chicken. You can even use leftover turkey.

Add the chopped roast chicken in the last 5 minutes and continue to cook until hot.Here are some other ideas Leftover roast chicken recipe.

Cook the brown rice in advance. Brown rice takes longer to cook than soup, so in order to cook the soup together quickly, I recommend cooking the rice a day or two before you plan to make this chicken and rice recipe.

Use brown rice for minutes. If you have not prepared the rice in advance, you can also use fine brown rice. Remember, fine brown rice is processed more than brown rice. Finally add the brown rice for one minute and cook for about 10-15 minutes or until tender.

Any leftover rice can be used in this soup. I prefer to use long grain brown rice because it is whole grain and has all its benefits. You can also use wild rice to make classic chicken and wild rice soup.

However, you can of course use white rice, jasmine rice or whatever you like. Again, I recommend cooking the rice in advance because it will not affect the cooking time of the soup.

Stack the vegetables. The classic chicken rice soup recipe with carrots and celery keeps it simple, but you can use any of your favorite vegetable soups. We like mushrooms and leeks.

Make it creamier. Milk is a healthier choice for cream soup, without excess fat. However, if you want a little extra creaminess, you can use half.

Make it dairy-free. Unsweetened coconut milk is a good dairy-free option; it provides a nice creamy texture.

Put the milk outside completely. If you prefer chicken and rice soup without cream or milk, don’t add it to the recipe-it will still be delicious.


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