Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon in LA – Comments on Baby Boomers Rising Facelift Trend

Dr. Jay Calvert, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Comments on Baby Boomers Rising Facelift Trend

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon in LA, Dr. Jay Calvert In recognition of Healthy Aging Month, encourages baby boomers to recognize the importance of proper pre and post-surgery protocols, including proper nutrition and supplements.

Source: — / Beverly Hills, California, United States, 09/12/2019 / Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon in LA -// News – LA – Where once Americans looked to put their best foot forward, they now look to put their best face forward. Newly released statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed there were nearly 50,000 more cosmetic procedures performed on those 55 and older in 2018 than in 2017. Baby Boomers also accounted for nearly half of all eyelid surgeries and two-thirds of facelifts performed last year.

It may be a byproduct of taking endless “selfies” for Facebook or Instagram, or an effort to be more competitive in the job or dating market (over 20 million baby boomers participate in online dating). Board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Rhinoplasty Society President, and integrative medicine advocate Dr. Calvert who performs some 175-250 Rhinoplasty operations a year and greater than 100 facelifts and other facial plastic surgery operations, also credits the rising trend to the increase in cosmetic procedure safety and recovery as well as the more “natural” appearance of facelift results, “My patients are interested in facelifts more than ever because of the increased safety, shorter recovery time, and more than anything, the specialized techniques resulting in natural results.” 

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