A sleep expert shares brilliant tips on how you should sleep

Adequate sleep is important for all of us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation is often linked to different medical conditions including hypertension, depression, weight gain or even diabetes. You can boost the quality of your sleep by wearing the right attire to bed.

Though we all sleep differently, not all our sleeping habits are healthy. Some clothing choices can make one develop health problems. Let us look at the do’s and don’ts when it comes to bedroom clothing choices. We hope to help you drop some poor choices and adopt healthier ones that help you relax well in bed. Enjoy! 

Sleep in loose attire

Some of us like sleeping in tight tops and booty shorts to remain sexy in bed. Though your partner may enjoy the look in bed, the clingy attire has a negative impact on blood flow in your body. They also affect how you breathe at night and may cause irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Binding clothes prevent the formation of melatonin hormone which regulates sleep cycles. Therefore, ensure that you sleep in loose attire not to interfere with how the body functions and also get a good night sleep.

Do not sleep in your bra

Have you been wearing your bra to bed? Some people believe that this habit can prevent breasts from sagging. The misconception is, however, wrong since a bra can lead to health issues. Bras cling on the body tightly, and they prevent the circulation of blood in the body especially when you wear one the entire night.

They can also squeeze your diaphragm and exert pressure on your chest affecting how you breathe when sleeping. The straps and hooks of the clothing can also exert pressure on your skin leading to irritation, cysts or indentations.

Sleeping in a bra also exposes one to fungal infections when your bedroom is warm. Researchers also report that a bra can cause sleeplessness due to discomfort making it hard for you to remain in the REM phase for long.

Get rid of makeup before bed

Though makeup may give you that gorgeous look, you should never sleep in it. Many ladies forget to clean their face before getting into bed. The makeup causes the accumulation of oil and dirt on the face blocking the skin pores from functioning well. You may develop pimples from the habit.

If you use makeup that contains chemicals and sleep in it, you may develop irritations or even allergic reactions. Some of the contents may find their way into your eye when resting and they can deter you from sleeping well. Get a makeup remover or a facial cleanser to eliminate makeup before sleeping. You can also wash the face to hydrate your skin and prevent it dryness and wrinkles which cause premature aging.

Sleep without underwear

The highest percentage of people sleep with their underwear. Pants are unhealthy in bed since they cover the genital area providing room for the growth of bacteria due to the moisture, darkness, and warmth. A woman may get vaginal infections by merely sleeping in underwear.

Sleeping without pants reduces the risks of inflammation and vaginal irritations. It also makes you comfortable in bed and increases intimacy when you are sleeping next to your partner.

Try sleeping naked

If you don’t have problems with freezing at night, you should try sleeping with nothing at all! The practice lowers body temperature to boost the quality of your sleep. It also prevents you from any sleep disturbances caused by clingy clothes. You also promote the metabolic changes in the body to help the body function accordingly.  Ensure that you place some light garment new you for emergency purposes such as getting cold at night.

Wear socks

Socks are rewarding to people who feel extremely cold at night. They help you keep the feet warm and lower your blood pressure so that you can sleep comfortably.  When the feet are warm, you tend to sleep fast. Socks also prevent your feet from drying out and developing cracks easily.  They can also absorb moisture from sweating during sleep. You should, therefore, make socks part of your nighttime routine.

Choose cotton pajamas

If you prefer sleeping in pajamas, ensure that you pick cotton ones. Cotton is a fiber that is soft, light and comfortable to sleep in. Cotton pajamas also allow the skin to breathe preventing you from skin irritations such as rashes. Most pajamas made from this fabric are loose fitting so that your blood can flow when without any hindrances from tight attire.

Proper maintenance of sleepwear

It takes time for a lot of people to clean their sleeping garments since they put on the same pair every night. Even pajamas get dirty after some time and wearing them in that state can expose you to health issues. You sweat in your sleep meaning dirty sleepwear can increase the risk of getting a bacterial infection. Wash you pajamas and bedding regularly to prevent health complications.

Do not sleep in jewelry

Jewelry may have sentimental value to you, but you should always take it off before getting to bed. Many people sleep in their wedding rings. Such habits can make you develop skin irritation or even an allergic reaction from the materials used to make them. Some pieces can get caught up in the bedding and cause problems such as chocking. You may end up losing small pieces such as stud earrings in bed. Remove any form of jewelry before sleeping.

Final thoughts

It is the little things that we often assume that cause sleep disturbance or health issues during sleep. Start changing your sleep habits today and improve the quality of your sleep. As you practice the above, do not forget to sleep in a good quality mattress. Go through the Simba mattress review to select an ideal choice. With proper preparations, you can overcome sleep disorders and improve productivity during the day.  The ball is in your court!

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