101 Keto Air Fryer Recipes + FREE Cooking Charts — Ditch The Carbs

This incredible collection of 101 delicious keto air fryer recipes with a FREE printable air fryer cooking chart.

PLUS the essential air fryer FAQ that will teach you everything you need to know about using an air fryer no matter what diet you follow.

Air fryers cook almost anything you want, and so quickly too.

Discover how to use simple ingredients and cook healthy fast dinners, snacks, or desserts with these quick and easy tasty keto recipes.

collage of keto air fryer recipes
101 delicious keto air fryer recipes (and FREE cooking charts)
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How do air fryers work?

Air fryers are simple countertop kitchen appliance that cooks more like a small convection oven.

Air frying works by circulating hot air around food continuously and at high speed, without the need for high amounts of oil when compared to a deep frier.

This type of cooking results in crispier and juicier food.

It is the perfect way for cooking crispy chicken wings, and other fried foods because they give these items a crisp coating without making them greasy or oily.

mockups of free air fryer cooking charts

Is an air fryer good for keto?

Yes, it’s absolutely perfect to cook keto-friendly foods with an air fryer. However, you’ll need to learn about the types of foods you should use and which foods to avoid.

The first thing you need to do is get a good selection of easy keto air fryer recipes. There are 101 keto recipes below for you. There are simple recipes for beginners, brand new air fryer recipes for those who want to try something new, delicious keto dinner recipes, quick and easy low carb snack recipes, and even healthy desserts air fryer recipes.

So if you are an absolute beginner, start by cooking something super simple like pork rinds, air fryer chicken wings, or bacon strips. Then once you learn how to use your air fryer properly you can move onto more complicated recipes.

Does an air fryer reduce carbs?

No, an air fryer will not reduce carbs. Air frying is a popular cooking technique that reduces fat in food.

If you are following a low-carb diet or keto diet, usually you don’t worry about the fat content of your meals. However, once they hit a weight-loss stall, some people begin to cut back on dietary fat to encourage their bodies to burn their body fat, not the fat from a bulletproof coffee or fat bomb.

Air frying is much more efficient than other cooking techniques and there is no need to use oil or butter because it cooks using only hot air. The reason most people on a keto diet use an air fryer is for speed, convenience, and of course, crispy bacon and crispy chicken wings.

A personal air fryer is a great option for people who would like to cook their own keto-friendly foods and keto snacks at home.

How to use an air fryer (for beginners)

close up of an air fryer
How to use an air fryer

If you are an absolute beginner and don’t have a clue how to use one, I can teach you how to use an air fryer and the top 10 mistakes (and how to avoid them).

Starting out it can be tricky to know what to make so start by just making something simple such as chicken wings or bacon. This will teach you how to set the temperature, how long to cook food, and how to turn your food without it breaking apart.

Can you lose weight by eating air fryer food?

Air fryers have recently become a popular cooking appliance. People often wonder if air fryer food can help them lose weight. The answer is yes, but you might not want to overdo it.

Air fryer food is healthy and contains less fat than deep-fried food, so the calories are lower too. It allows food to be cooked in a way that is similar to deep-frying without the extra grease. This is especially useful if you are following a low-fat diet, but for those of us on a keto diet, this is less of a concern.

But be aware, because these recipes may appear to be healthier, a lot of people make the mistake of eating more air-fried food and so never reach their weight loss goals.

Always remember to calculate your macros, set your daily carb limit, and count your carbs.

Tips for buying an air fryer

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite keto diet foods, then investing in a good air fryer is the answer. Air fryers have been around for some time now but they have seen an increase in popularity over the last few years with many people looking to get more creative with their keto cooking.

There are many different kinds of air fryers on the market and there is no one perfect model that will suit everyone’s needs. This article will go through some of the best models.

Which is the best air fryer for keto?

A decent air fryer can cost anywhere from $50 up to $300 and while this may seem like an expensive purchase, it can be worth it as it will not only save you money on your grocery bill but also make life easier by reducing time spent in the kitchen and stopping fast food or eating out at restaurants.

Which appliance for you will depend on how many people you will be cooking for, how much storage space you have, how much kitchen bench space you have, and how easy it is to clean.

Basket air fryer vs oven air fryers

Basket air fryers are the most common. You place your food into the cooking basket and set your temperature and cooking time. You will need to choose which size of basket air fryer will suit your family.

Oven-type fryers are becoming popular too. It’s easy to see inside the air fryer oven because of the glass door and they often have multi cooking functions. They are often larger than a basket fryer so may be more useful for a large family, if you have a large kitchen or for someone who likes to meal prep.

What size of fryer is best?

Always go for the largest you can afford because after you discover all these amazing keto air fryer recipes you’ll want to use it to cook everything. In fact, so many members of my Facebook group have told me they have 2 or even 3 air fryers.

They use one for their main meal and the others for side dishes or vegetables.

Which air fryer is easiest to clean and store?

Without a doubt, the basket air fryer is the smallest and the easiest to store. Whether you keep your air fryer on your kitchen bench or you store it in a kitchen cupboard, the traditional basket fryer is small enough to hide away nicely.

It’s also the easiest to clean. You can place the basket and the removable tray in the dishwasher for most brands, making it quick and convenient. The oven type however is incredibly difficult to clean. it has wire rack shelves and it’s tricky to get right to the back with a cleaning cloth.

What can you cook in an air fryer?

4 air fryers cooking various types of food
Popular easy air fryer recipes

You can cook almost anything but the most common keto and low carb recipes are air fryer chicken tenders, chicken thighs, pork chops, salmon, steak, shrimp, pork rinds, and of course bacon.

The most common vegetable recipes that are keto friendly are cauliflower tots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, zucchini fries, and any vegetable side dish tastes delicious when cooked with garlic and parmesan.

What can’t you cook in an air fryer?

You can cook almost anything in the air fryer but do not cook these foods:

  • fried food with a very wet batter (the batter will drip off before cooking)
  • rice (it requires boiling in water)
  • a whole chicken (it is incredibly difficult to cook it right to the centre)
  • popcorn (they will pop and get stuck to the heating element)
  • vegetables that need boiling in water
  • leafy greens (they’ll just fly around in the high speed hot air)
  • soup (who fries soup?)

What are the disadvantages of air fryer?

Several people have complained that their air fryers are breaking after a few months of use. There is no clear reason why this is happening, but I think it’s worth mentioning that some customers have reported that the heating element has been fried.

This could probably have been prevented by avoiding these common mistakes:

  • Overcrowding the air fryer – this blocks the hot air flow from the heating element and the fan that forces the food to cook in all directions. If you block the flow of hot air, it may make the temperature rise too quickly and overheat your kitchen appliance.
  • Food drying out – because generally no fat is used in the cooking method, some food dries out quickly and may burn.
  • Food getting stuck – ironically, you may need some spray-oil to prevent food from sticking to the tray or basket.
  • Overheating – the rapid rise in temperature and high cooking heats make it easy to burn food if you are a beginner.

What is the easiest way to clean air fryer?

Many people are considering buying an air fryer, but if you have never used one before, it can be difficult to know how to clean it. Buying the wrong air fryer that is difficult to clean is the most common reason people sell their air fryers.

The easiest way to clean an air fryer is by wiping down the outside with a wet towel. This will remove the grease from the outside of the appliance. Please check the instruction manual for any air fryer BEFORE you buy it and only buy one that the removable parts can be placed in the dishwasher. It really will make life so much easier at clean up time.

Some other ways to clean your air fryer include:

  • Grease the inside of your air fryer before you start cooking anything
  • Clean your air fryer after every use (yes, every-single-time)

Is an air fryer better than the oven?

The answer depends on many factors. If you want quick-cooking, then yes, an air fryer is better. But if you want to cook a large quantity of food, then the oven is better, because the air fryer has a limited capacity for food.

Do air fryers use a lot of electricity?

There is a common misconception that air fryers use more electricity than an oven. But, the reality is that it takes about the same amount of energy to cook food in an air fryer as it does in an oven. The flip side is that an air fryer heats up much quicker than an entire oven.

Tips and tricks to using your air fryer easier for keto recipes

  1. Make sure you follow the directions to properly set-up your keto air fryer BEFORE you start using it.
  2. Make sure you have the right amount of oil in your air fryer. If there is too little, then some of the food will be dry. If there is too much, then it will spatter out of the fryer and onto the cooking element. The appliance will smoke and drip.
  3. Certain foods require you to shake them every once in a while so that they can cook evenly.
  4. Cook things at a lower temperature or longer time than what is recommended on the product’s instructions to make them more crispy.

Air fryer cooking charts

mockups of free air fryer cooking charts
Air fryer cooking charts

101 Low carb and keto air fryer recipes

This is an incredible collection of family-friendly keto air fryer recipes such as low-carb and keto air fried chicken, beef, pork, fish, vegetables, appetizers, and snacks. All can be made in under 30 minutes so you can have a healthy snack or meal without having to go out for some fast food.

Easy keto air fryer recipes – for beginners

How To Make Pork Crackling

Once you learn how to make crackling, there is no going back to store bought again with all those nasty seed oils.

Check out this recipe …

Pork rinds and crackle on a white plate
Ground Beef Stuffed Peppers (Low-Carb)

Ground Beef Stuffed Peppers (Low-Carb) is perfect for a quick and easy mid-week healthy family meal. Budget-friendly and high protein.

Check out this recipe …

yellow stuffed peppers with a low-carb filing and melted cheese
Chicken Tenderloins with Bacon

If you are looking for a low carb lunch, chicken wrapped in bacon is absolutely delicious and super easy to make.

Check out this recipe …

Bacon covered chicken nuggets sitting on a plate
Fat Head Pizza – The Holy Grail

Fat Head pizza is the NUMBER ONE recipe for the entire site. If you only ever try one low-carb recipe, this is it. It has won over many traditional pizza lovers who are never going back. See the conversion below to see how to make these using almond flour or coconut flour.

Check out this recipe …

sliced pizza on a wire rack

Air fryer chicken and turkey recipes

Low-Carb Chicken Nuggets

Ditch the chicken nuggets today and start making low-carb chicken nuggets. Grain-free and using 100% chicken meat. Even the adults adore these.See the recipe notes below how to use coconut flour instead or almond flour if you wish.

Check out this recipe …

low-carb chicken nuggets served with salsa
Grain-Free Keto KFC Chicken

Rejoice! You can now enjoy grain-free KFC inspired fried chicken. The grain-free coating can be used for chicken wings, breast, strips and nibbles.

Check out this recipe …

crispy baked chicken on a white plate
Mexican Chicken Burgers (Keto, 0.8g net carbs)

Mexican chicken burgers can be amped up by adding extra chilli, sour cream and guacamole. How spicy will you make it?

Check out this recipe …

Low-carb Mexican chicken burger served with red pepper tomato avocado and cream cheese
Keto Spinach Stuffed Chicken

Keto spinach stuffed chicken is a quick and easy mid-week meal. Just don’t tell anyone how easy it was.

Check out this recipe …

spinach stuffed chicken served on a white square plate
Two Cheese Pesto Chicken (keto friendly)

This baked two cheese pesto chicken recipe is full of flavour. The basil flavour really comes through and is not dominated by the cheese. Low-carb and keto frienldy.

Check out this recipe …

Two-Cheese Pesto Chicken in a glass baking dish
Easy keto chicken curry kebabs.

Easy keto chicken curry with a tasty turmeric cauliflower rice. The perfect healthy keto family dinner.  

Check out this recipe …

Keto chicken curry kebabs in a silver bowl
Low-carb tandoori chicken recipe

Low-carb tandoori chicken pieces can be cooked in the frying pan, in the oven or on the bbq. Keep extras for school lunch tomorrow. 

Check out this recipe …

Low-Carb Tandoori Chicken Recipe on a blue plate

Air fryer pork and lamb recipes

Baked Ham And Egg Cups (Keto)

Add anything you like into baked ham and egg cups. What about sneaking some extra veggies in there? Extra cheese?

Check out this recipe …

baked ham and egg cups baked in a muffin tray
Keto Lamb Kebabs With Coconut Curry Dipping Sauce

Keto lamb kebabs with coconut curry dipping sauce can be cooked in the frying pan, in the oven, air fryer or even on the bbq in the summer. Kids love eating dinner from a stick, so let them go for it!

Check out this recipe …

keto lamb kebabs with curry sauce in a white bowl
Cream Cheese Stuffed Meatballs (0.6g net carbs)

Cream cheese stuffed meatballs are perfect for dinner, lunch, a snack or an appetiser. So make plenty and keep on hand for a quick high protein snack.

Check out this recipe …

A plate of cream cheese stuffed meatballs ready to be served with sauces

Air fryer salmon recipes

Keto Smoked Salmon Quiche (blender recipe)

Fast and healthy gluten-free keto smoked salmon quiche recipe, made in the blender then baked in the oven in under 40 minutes.

Check out this recipe …

sliced keto smoked salmon quiche with a white plate
Low-Carb Salmon Patties (dairy free)

A quick and easy meal ready in under 20 minutes. Paleo low-carb salmon patties served with a lime avocado dressing.

Check out this recipe …

salmon patties with lime avocado dressing served in a white bowl with baby spinach

Air fryer seafood recipes

Paleo Calamari Rings (High Protein)

Who misses calamari? Well now you have found paleo calamari rings, you can snack away to your hearts content and remain grain free and use only healthy oils.

Check out this recipe …

Paleo calamari rings in a white bowl

Air fryer beef and steak recipes

Sweet and Sour Keto Meatballs

Mix up how you serve keto meatballs by serving them in one of these three sauces. Goat cheese, sweet and sour, and spicy garlic.

Check out this recipe …

Sweet and sour keto meatballs in a bowl. One meatball is being lifted by a toothpick.
Meatloaf Cupcakes

Versatile and easy meatloaf cupcakes are great for dinner, lunch or the school lunch box. Make extra as they freeze really well in an airtight container. They can even be used when you need a protein hit.

Check out this recipe …

Mini meatloaves served with asparagus on the plate
Doneness Finished Internal Temp Total Cooking Time at 400F (200C)
Rare 120-125F (49-52C) 17 minutes
Medium Rare 130-135F (54-57C) 20 minutes
Medium 140-145F (60-63C) 22 minutes
Medium Well 150F (66C) 24 minutes
Well Done 160F (71C) 26 minutes
Cooking times for a 1.75-inch (4.4 cm) thick boneless steak – from Summer Yule

Air fryer vegetable recipes

Keto Cheesy Baked Asparagus

Your whole family will love this keto cheesy baked asparagus. This asparagus is perfect if you are looking for a tasty low-carb side.

Check out this recipe …

A plate of food with baked asparagus
CREAMY Low-Carb Broccoli and Cauliflower Bake

Throw broccoli and cauliflower bake together and be amazed at how tasty it is once cooked. Add bacon, cheese, mustard or chilli.

Check out this recipe …

A serving dish with cheesy baked broccoli and cauliflower
Greek Stuffed Mushrooms

Vary the filling easily in Greek stuffed mushrooms. How about your favourite cheese instead? A little sun-dried tomato paste? These can be prepped ahead of time and cooked on the bbq when guests arrive.

Check out this recipe …

Stuffed mushrooms put on an antique white plate with fresh basil
Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza

Low carb cauliflower pizza is a sneaky way to get more veggies into your children. Remember to add plenty of cheese to make it tasty and mask that ‘cauliflower’ flavour.

Check out this recipe …

cauliflower pizza on baking parchment

Air fryer vegan recipes

Air fryer snack recipes

Low-carb cauliflower bacon popcorn

Low-carb cauliflower bacon popcorn – the perfect healthy low-carb snack. And a sneaky way to get your kids to eat more veggies.

Check out this recipe …

closeup of bacon cauliflower in a white ramekin bowl on a white napkin with yellow triangles

Air fryer dessert recipes

Sugar-Free Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (Candied Almonds)

Sugar free cinnamon roasted almonds (candied almonds) are a superb tasty snack at any time of the year. Why not make them sweet or spicy? 

Check out this recipe …

Roasted almonds in a glass jar with a Christmas decoration on the gold lid
1-Minute Lemon Curd Low-Carb Mug Cake

How to make a quick and tasty lemon curd mug cake in the microwave

Check out this recipe …

Low-Carb Mug Cake with Lemon Curd Centre
Low-Carb Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake with Cream Cheese Icing/Frosting

How to make a quick and tasty cinnamon roll mug cake in the microwave plus icing/frosting.

Check out this recipe …

Keto Vanilla Berry Mug Cake

How to make a quick and easy 1-minute coconut flour keto vanilla berry mug cake – even when you don’t like to cook!  

Check out this recipe …

Vanilla Berry Low-Carb mug cake in a light blue dish.
1-Minute Double Chocolate Low-Carb Mug Cake

How to make a quick and tasty double chocolate mug cake in the microwave

Check out this recipe …

Double chocolate low-carb mug cake in a dish with whipped cream and chocolate chips on top.

Conclusion: How to use an air fryer to cook healthy meals at home

How to cook easy keto recipes in the air fryer

Consider using an air fryer if you don’t have a lot of space for traditional cooking appliances like ovens, microwaves, or stovetops. It’s also great for small families who typically only cook for two people at a time.

mockups of free air fryer cooking charts

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