Gundry MD 24 Strain Probiotic: Healthy Digestive Aid Support

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Gundry MD a California-based supplement company has added a new gut health formula called 24 Strain Probiotic. According to the official website, the new formula features 24 strains of probiotics with more than 30 billion CFUs.

As many readers may know probiotics can get directly to the source of most problems, the gut. Probiotic bacteria are essential biological agents (such as yeasts) that are actually beneficial for the body. They are particularly quite useful when it comes to bolstering the digestive organs’ efficacy since they provide ample nutrition and protection from unwanted foreign agents, including the modern American diet and environmental factors.

In this regard, Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic is an all-new digestive support supplement that has been made using several active ingredients and could help strengthen gut microbiome and increase the volume of “healthy bacteria” in the digestive tracts — thus allowing the bodies to feel vital and active through the course of day-to-day activities. Unlike other probiotic supplements, this formula is made using cellulose capsules that melt in one’s mouth and are easy to consume.

Is Gundry MD’s 24 Strain Probiotic worth it?  Let’s take a closer look at how 24 Strain Probiotic works:

Gundry MD 24 Strain Probiotic Reviews
Gundry MD 24 Strain Probiotic Reviews

A Closer Look at Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic

As the name quite clearly implies, Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic is a digestive supplement made using 24 unique strains of healthy gut bacteria that have been individually studied for their overall purity and effectiveness. From a benefits standpoint, daily intake of Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic was designed to provide users with an array of benefits such as:

(i) Reduced Gas Formation: The probiotic agents contained in the supplement have the ability to slow down the rate of production of harmful gases that are produced by our stomachs as a result of specific digestive processes. This allows people to feel lighter and more buoyant after a heavy meal, but it also helps mitigate bloating issues.

(ii) Enhanced Bowel Movement: An underrated facet of Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic contains certain natural laxatives that promote digestive regularity. When the body can expel all of its stored waste matter efficiently, it feels more vibrant and much more active and alert.

(iii) Healthy Gut & GI Optimization: A compiled mountain of scientific literature seems to suggest that a regular intake of probiotic food items can help improve the overall health of our gastrointestinal system. Not only that, but these healthy bacteria could also help optimize the operational efficacy of our gut biome, which in turn allows users to experience heightened immunity levels.

Other Core Facets of Gundry ™ 24 Strain Probiotic

Contain 30 billion CFUs of probiotics per capsule

It is important to note that each capsule of this supplement packs in a whopping 30 billion CFUs. For those of our readers who may not be aware, such large amounts of healthy probiotic material could enhance the digestive organs’ efficiency within a matter of days.

Easy to Use

Unlike a whole host of hard to consume probiotic supplements, this product is made using cellulose capsules that melt in one’s mouth. In terms of daily intake, it is recommended that users ingest one pill per day in the morning, along with a glass of lukewarm water.


Another core facet of this supplement is that it is totally vegetarian and is even perfect for people adhering to a vegan lifestyle. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the product does not contain any dairy, nor does it have any caffeine traces, which is a relief since it is an extremely addictive substance.

Helps Enhance One’s Energy and Focus Levels

As per the official product website, each serving of Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic contains certain vital active ingredients to aid the nervous system in releasing additional energy. Not only that, but the formula also comes replete with individual neural enhancers that have been clinically shown to heighten one’s focus and concentration levels.

So what makes Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic so effective?

As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, Gundry MD™ 24 Strain Probiotic comes loaded with a total of 24 different probiotic strains, each of whom plays an essential role in the human body. The different strains are said to work synergistically together to help provide users with benefits such as :

  • Increased energy production and release
  • Easier, faster digestion
  • Enhanced focus, concentration, and mental acuity
  • Elevated mood states

In terms of what’s contained in the product, Gundry MD™ 24 Probiotic Strain features a whopping 30 Billion CFUs of powerful, healthy bacteria. Some of these strains include:

(i) Bifidobacterium Bifidum: This particular probiotic strain is widely considered to be one of the most important healthy bacterial strain agents today. Research studies have shown that this strain, in particular, can maximize the efficiency of our immune system and speed up the body’s natural digestive processes.

Additionally, since B. Bifidum has been shown to reduce in number as people become older, folks of advanced age (especially those over the age of 45) must take supplements that can provide their bodies with the important probiotic in adequate quantities.

(ii) Saccharomyces Boulardii: This bacterial extract possesses some yeast-like properties, such that several studies have claimed that it provides the body with a vast array of digestive benefits, especially when it comes to maintaining regular bowel movement.

(iii) Lactobacillus Plantarum: Much like the other probiotic strains mentioned above, L. Plantarum is also quite effective in the breakdown of complex carbs, fats, and triglycerides. As a result of this, it helps regulate our cholesterol levels, all while promoting healthier digestion. In addition to this, many scientific papers claim that L. Plantarum directly connects with the human immune system.

(iv) Lactobacillus Rhamnosus: This probiotic strain has been shown to assist users in their weight loss efforts quite dramatically. Not only that, but L. Rhamnosus has also been found to spur the breakdown of complex carbs, fats, and proteins in our bodies, thus indirectly helping in the release of copious amounts of energy within our bodies.

Why choose Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic?

  • As mentioned earlier, Gundry MD™ 24 Strain Probiotic has been made using effective bacterial agents that are completely natural and biocompatible with the human body.
  • Each bottle of the supplement is audited by a third-party agency to maintain a high level of purity.
  • The probiotic strains contained in the supplement are stomach acid- and bile-resistant in nature.
  • According to the manufacturer, users should start to witness a tangible increase in their digestive capacities after just three to seven days of using the product.

Where can you buy Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic?

The easiest and most hassle-free of making a purchase is via the official company website. At press time, there are currently three deals that users can choose between:

  • One bottle is available for a base sum of $65.95
  • Three bottles are available for a reduced rate of $188.85
  • Six bottles are available for a heavy discount of $42 — $353.70

Free delivery options are available on all purchases above $60. Each bottle of Gundry MD ™ 24 Strain Probiotic comes backed by a three-month money-back guarantee in case users aren’t entirely satisfied with their purchase.

Customers and consumers that would like to comment, start a return process, or ask questions on the product can contact the service team – Monday – Friday: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST & Saturday – Sunday: 6:00 am to 4:00 pm PST at (800) 852-0477 or email the support team at [email protected]. Gundry MD is located at 9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 300 Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Last but not least, payments can be made via a host of safe and secure avenues such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, and Mastercard.

To learn more about Gundry MD supplements visit the official website here.

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