Which NFT collection is the most profitable?


When calculating the return of the NFT set, most analysts calculate the average return. For example, the first batch of CryptoKitties were sold in December 2017 at an average price of $3.24 each. On the first day, 105 CryptoKitties were created, a total of 340.63 US dollars worth of Ether (Ethereum) Was spent on these CryptoKitties by different collectors. This makes the average price of each CryptoKitty $3.24. Currently, the average transaction price of CryptoKitties is $256.99. This is equivalent to the average price of each CryptoKitty of 256.99 US dollars, and the average historical return rate of collection exceeds 7,800%.

Among CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, which non-fungible token (NFT) series has been the most profitable for investors since 2017? More importantly, which one will be the most profitable in 2021? The Cointelegraph research team More than 80 pages of research reports on NFT.

However, the average price is considered an unreliable indicator for estimating the value of the collection, because the sales of some very expensive NFTs can distort the data. For example, the most expensive “CryptoPunk #7523 COVID Alien” created by Larva Labs Sell Sold for $11.7 million in June 2021. This is why the historical rate of return of CryptoPunk of over 700,000% is so high-some CryptoPunk have been sold for millions of dollars. It should be noted that the first CryptoPunks was actually given away for free, so technically speaking, the historical returns of CryptoPunks are unlimited. In this analysis, Cointelegraph Research used the price on the first day of their transaction-June 23, 2017, when 19 CryptoPunks were sold for a total price of US$1,020.3.

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In contrast, Canadian conceptual artist and media blogger Kimberly Parker suggestion This median price better reflects how much people are paying for NFTs in the market—more importantly, when collectors like their content, artists can reasonably expect to sell their NFTs.

To calculate the median price of all NFT sales for a particular collection, the sales prices are listed in order from lowest to highest. The median is the selling price right in the middle.

The last indicator commonly used to measure the return on NFT collective investment is the reserve price. The reserve price is the lowest public sale price of the NFT in the collectibles on the market. For example, Bored Ape’s current reserve price on OpenSea is 38 ETH or approximately $125,000. This means that Bored Ape owners are willing to accept $125,000 for their NFT, but not lower.After Visa paid $150,000 for CryptoPunk in August 2021, the base price of the series Rose 280% to 425,000 USD.