Due to “deflationary forces”, Bitcoin may reach USD 100,000 in 2022, and gold may reach USD 2,000 in 2022-Bloomberg analyst

100,000 USD Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And $2,000 in gold may usher in 2022, as the global market faces “deflationary forces”, Bloomberg Intelligence said. in a tweet On December 9, Mick McGlone, a senior... Read more »

Under power shortage, Iceland refuses to supply power to new Bitcoin farms – Mining Bitcoin News

Cryptocurrency mining is one of several energy-intensive industries affected by Iceland’s power shortage. After cutting off supplies to aluminum smelters and fish factories, the country’s major utility companies are now rejecting requests... Read more »

Mnemonic raises US$4 million to launch a B2B API platform focused on NFT

After six months of incubation, Mnemonic announced the upcoming launch of its non-fungible token (NFT) analysis platform, which aims to promote API and cross-chain aggregation functions, enabling developers to build NFT-centric applications.... Read more »

Due to Evergrande defaulting on US dollar debts, Bitcoin fell below US$50,000

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Keep USD 50,000 as the focus on December 9th, as the BTC/USD consolidation continues to avoid last week’s lows. BTC/USD 1-hour candlestick chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView Bitcoin “appears on track”... Read more »

Experts believe that after Covid-19, a common African cryptocurrency can boost trade and sustain growth – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News

Some economic experts from Africa suggested that the African continent now needs a universal cryptocurrency and an integrated capital market to promote trade and sustain growth. The importance of universal cryptocurrency African... Read more »

Beeple’s latest NFT’Human One’ is priced at US$29 million, and the artist plans to “enhance the displayed artwork” during his lifetime – Blockchain Bitcoin News

This year, American artist Michael Winkelmann (Michael Winkelmann), also known as Beeple, sold his non-fungible token (NFT) artwork “Everydays” on March 11 for $69.3 million, creating history. Beeple’s latest NFT is called... Read more »

IOST’s highly anticipated sumo-themed DeFi token $ZUNA will be launched on December 10th – Press Release Bitcoin News

Press release Press release. DeFi protocol driven by IOST Yokozuna Finance Warming up claim In the title IOSTDApp ecosystem. this Gamification DeFi and NFT project with the theme of sumo Has caused... Read more »

Visa Launches Encryption Consulting Service-Says “Digital Currency Is Growing In The Public Consciousness”-Finance Bitcoin News

Payment giant Visa has launched a global encryption consulting service. The company’s executive said: “Last year, we saw a major shift in customer mentality, from the desire to explore and experiment with... Read more »

Visa creation service advises financial institutions on cryptocurrencies

This is a new dawn. Credit card giant Visa is now engaged in the cryptocurrency business. However, they will not buy or sell yet. Its new department will focus on advising everyone.... Read more »

As SHIB adoption grows, cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp puts Shiba Inu on the list – Altcoins Bitcoin News

Another major cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp, has listed the shiba inu cryptocurrency. Bitstamp users will be able to trade USD and EUR with SHIB. The announcement comes as more and more trading platforms... Read more »