Web 3 is a return to the wild spirit of the Internet


Since the birth of the Internet, named Web 1 retrospectively, a new generation of writers and artists have poured into the Internet independently of any publisher, promoter or label. Over time, many of them will become leading figures in the cultural world: writers and editors Corey Doctoro, Paul Ford and Joey Sicha, musicians Justin Bieber and Adele Er, and “Listen! Randall Munroe of “A Vagrant” and “xkcd” and political experts Ana Marie Cox, Markos Moulitsas, and Josh Marshall. All of this and more was first caused on personal websites and early, almost unreviewed networks such as Blogger and Myspace Public attention. Web 1 The exciting, anarchistic spirit comes from such people, many of whom are very weird, and they put it forward in their own way.


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