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Darwinia network, a decentralized network Cross-chain bridging network Built on Substrate, it was announced today that the project on Genesis Shards (GS) will be able to implement Darwinia’s cross-chain bridging network for its platform. The applications on GS cover DeFi, trading, NFT and games.

Genesis Shards is a decentralized ecosystem Powered by Polkadot Used for inter-chain liquidity of pre-IDO tokens. By packaging time-locked, fungible tokens into NFTs, Genesis Shards is creating a new market for previously illiquid tokens.

Projects on Darwinia will be able to obtain liquidity before IDO through the encapsulated NFT on Genesis Shards Gen tickets. More than 25 high-quality access, ecosystem and network partners have trusted GS.

“Genesis Shards is pleased to partner with Darwinia to provide their cross-chain bridging solution. This partnership will enable projects on Genpad to use Darwinia’s network to meet their cross-chain network needs.”
– Nilotpal Mukherjee, Co-founder of Genesis Shards

The Darwinia solution provides a safe and efficient universal bridge that connects Polkadot, Ethereum, BSC and other heterogeneous blockchains through cross-chain asset transfer and universal remote chain calls.Darwin is Supported by the Web3 Foundation Grant Program.

“We are very happy to establish a partnership with Genesis Shards! We provide the safest universal bridge solution in the space. I believe that new projects on Genpad will choose our cross-chain network solution for cross-chain asset transfer; and general remote Chain requirements and so on.”
– Alex Chien, co-founder of Darwin Networks


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