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Press release. Label Foundation Recently announced It is ready to be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, using the cross-chain bridge they developed in cooperation with the Tokyo blockchain development company Curvegrid. The deployment of the bridge marks the beginning of the integration of tags into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Label It can be understood as a blockchain-oriented international educational content platform, which provides an incubation system that can easily support various promotion, distribution and investment processes, and attempts to eliminate obstacles and challenges related to existing content production and investment procedures.

Prior to this development, Label Foundation has expanded its ecosystem through blockchain and key partners in the education industry. It has partnered with OPENTRACK, a leading music education platform operated by Clesson. The partnership will provide a group of world-class lecturers who will provide early content in the Label ecosystem. They announced that they are committed to bringing world-class artists such as Scoop DeVille, Mark Lettieri, Docskim and many other Grammy nominated artists to their platform to incubate and NFT their intellectual property.

The main goal of Label Foundation is therefore to provide its users with high-quality educational and entertainment resources. Obviously, as they migrate to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, Label will be able to use all the best features of the mainnet to expand and improve the performance of its decentralized applications.

An innovative platform

Through Label, an NFT framework is built on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain. It is supported by the LBL utility and governance tokens. Its single purpose is to establish a fair profit-sharing economy without licensing intellectual property rights. Included. Therefore, Label is a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) incubation platform that invests in high-quality entertainment and educational materials through the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting system, allowing donors to collect profits through the NFT ownership mechanism.

In addition, the Label platform has created an ecosystem that aims to establish an unbiased and decentralized incubation system with the goal of providing better accessibility for content creators in the MOOC industry. Therefore, it strives to strengthen the seemingly unfair profit structure, which is usually common in the industry, and to prevent copyright infringements from occurring throughout the industry.

Bridge BSC

According to the latest developments, Label is now officially connected to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and the tokens will pass Multimedia middleware, Constructed by Curvegrid. The bridge connects the Ethereum mainnet with Binance Smart Chain, allowing the smooth movement of LBL tokens from ERC-20 to BEP-20 and vice versa.

also, Sun Aoi Will join LABEL as a strategic consultant to assist in the expansion of the LABEL ecosystem. In the Solana (SOL) ecosystem, Solarium is a platform located in Amsterdam, mainly used for governance voting, decentralized fundraising, and time-weighted token collateral. In addition, it is expected that Label’s IDO will also be launched on RedKite and NFTb for public sale.

According to its white paper, Label aims to provide an unparalleled sales framework and infrastructure based on the use of blockchain technology through the above-mentioned incubation system. In this way, experts, professionals and experts can be found and invested. In addition, through effective system integration, Label will also create a fair profit-sharing environment for intellectual property rights. Finally, with the establishment of the NFT market, Label will start a virtuous circle, launching a global value chain by making the intellectual property embedded in non-fungible tokens easy to trade. To this end, it also cooperates with various organizations in the entertainment and media industries, focusing on cultivating their respective incubation systems.

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