The Argo blockchain among the most traded stocks of Fidelity clients


The UK branch of financial services company Fidelity Investments reported that in the past 12 months, customers have been most interested in trading shares in cryptocurrency mining company Argo Blockchain.

In Thursday’s report, Fidelity Say Argo Blockchain ranks third among the top five stocks most actively traded by customers in 2021-the others are Rolls Royce, British Airways owner United Airlines, oil giant BP and Lloyds Banking Group. Argo is called a “trend” stock by Fidelity and ranks third among stocks traded by self-invested personal pension (SIPP) investors.

However, the financial services company hinted that Argo may not enter the top five next year. According to Fidelity, in December, “newcomers” removed the mining company from the list of most actively traded stocks, including COVID-19 test manufacturer Genedrive, fast fashion retailer Boohoo Group, and engineering company Smiths Group.

Argo Blockchain was one of the first crypto mining companies listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2018, and its business has been steadily expanding. Argo becomes more acceptable to U.S. investors Publicly listed on NASDAQ In September.In addition, the company is currently Construction facility On a 320-acre piece of land in western Texas, the aim is to “acquire up to 800 [megawatts] Electricity” to mine Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And other cryptocurrencies.

According to data on its website, Argo’s facilities in North America currently use 45 megawatts of electricity and generate more than 1.6 exahash of Bitcoin per second.As of the end of November, the company Report It has generated 1,831 BTC and holds 2,317 Bitcoins or “Bitcoin equivalents”-approximately $93 million and $118 million, respectively, at the time of release.

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Argo’s stock is currently trading at US$130.10 on the London Stock Exchange, which has fallen more than 65% since it hit a record high of US$380.96 in February.