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Press release: Beyond lifeClub and Orange Comet have teamed up to launch a special NFT series dedicated to the legendary Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee.

Singapore, December 22, 2021 — Chakra The Invincible is a unique NFT series that pays tribute to the legendary Stan Lee, the series will be launched on his 99th birthday (December 28) Chakras.beyondlife.clubThe series includes an exclusive category dedicated to showing Stan Lee’s outstanding achievements as an artist, and tells the story behind it, creating Chakra The Invincible.

Beyond Life Club and Guardian LinkA generation, Co-curated a unique superhero NFT series with Orange Comet and Graphics India, which marked the existence of Stan Lee in the creative field.

Chakra The Invincible NFT series

Stan Lee’s “Chakra The Invincible” is the first international superhero created by this comic book legend in collaboration with Sharad Devaraj. The Chakra The Invincible NFT series includes categories that highlight character superpowers and origins. The superhero NFT series includes:

  • Chakra Artpunks loot box (6865 NFT)
  • Chakra Artpunks (15 NFTs)
  • Animated Life Comic Book Cover (2 NFTs)
  • Comic book cover stills (1250 NFT)
  • The power of the seven chakras (7 NFT)
  • Animated NFT video (1250 NFTs)
  • 1 Leaflet Stan Lee Birthday Special NFT

Stan Lee is 99 years old

Chakra The Invincible (Raju Rai) was released in 2012 and is an Indian superhero character created by Stan Lee, Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra. To commemorate the 99th anniversary of Stan Lee’s birth on December 28th, this NFT series release publicly invites every admirer of Stan Lee to celebrate his Groundbreaking legacy.

Stan Lee also imagined an animated movie in 2013 based on Chakra’s storyline. Thanks to the continuous support of his team after his death, this NFT series has opened a clear path for almost unlimited creation of unique NFT works inspired by the great Stan Lee art, and is available for purchase by everyone.

Beyond lifeClub & GuardianLinkA generation

Beyond lifeClub and GuardianLink have teamed up to launch the Chakra The Invincible NFT series, bringing Stan Lee’s most impressive superhero works to life.

After #AmitabhNFT makes history, transcend lifeThe clubs are ready to play a prominent role in making NFT mainstream in India and around the world.

Stan Lee Chakra The Invincible NFT series Guardianio will develop and provide a space for the upcoming superhero NFT series as a personal launch pad and a platform for anyone to invest in the growth trend of NFT.

Team in Beyond lifeclub Point out:

“Beyond LifeClub, dreams of allowing other Indian and international celebrities, creators and brands to join, and plan their respective NFTs to show them to a global audience. By announcing Stan Lee’s co-creation of the Chakra The Invincible NFT series, we ensured that this was the beginning of a great success and the multiple possibilities of planning NFT beyond the boundaries.”

Orange comet and Beyond lifeclub, Powered by Guardianlinkio is expected to launch the Chakra The Invincible NFT series co-created by Stan Lee at 9:00 am on December 28th. The unique NFT series gives everyone the opportunity to cherish the creation of Marvel legend Stan Lee and become part of the ever-evolving NFT industry.

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