Spain’s LGBT token responds to critics saying it is expected to be listed soon

The Spanish LGBT-related token MariCoin (MCOIN) responded to the community after being skeptical about the concept and goals of the project.

Some people even criticized the name of the project, which used gay slander in Spanish. But according to key figures in the project, they just misunderstood.

MariCoin CEO Francisco Alvarez (Francisco Alvarez) told Cointelegraph that the name of the project is about “turning insults into fortresses” and refers to addressing the peculiarities of homophobic language, because the word “homosexuality” Certain communities are still used as insults.

“It is common for members of the gay community to call themselves “Maricon” in Spain, so Juan, an active member of the community, thinks that MariCoin is an excellent name for a cryptocurrency that can unite the entire community,” Alvarez said.

The CEO pointed out that the MariCoin project is “generally accepted” in Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Ecuador and other Spanish-speaking countries with more than 90%. “Although we have to make the other 10% inconsistent with our vision,” he pointed out.

According to Juan Belmonte, co-founder and president of MariCoin, the project is expected to list Algorand-based tokens on crypto exchanges that support the Algorand blockchain on January 31.

“As we announced, we have been negotiating a listing on Binance since September 2021. Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is writing a white paper, and we will prepare the first version next week,” Bell Monte told Cointelegraph.

He also pointed out that MariCoin has closed their waiting list for the 10,000 “Maricoiners” promised in their roadmap. “Due to the large amount of mailings, we had to open the second list to pre-order tokens starting from January 31 next year at a starting price of $0.025,” the executive added.Some people in the community were skeptical of MariCoin’s waiting list before invest Via Google Forms.

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Belmont also mentioned that MariCoin is Selected Last year, in the Algorand Foundation accelerator program in Miami, it was supported by the blockchain investment company Borderless Capital. In addition to MariCoin, the accelerator also selected nine other startups, including Latin American digital bank NeoMoon, blockchain game Alchemon, and irreplaceable token platform Dartroom.

The Algorand Foundation and Borderless Capital did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.