Snoop Dogg and Santana’s custom pipe maker marking bongs

Las Vegas-based glass tube manufacturer Jerome Baker Designs will launch a series of Bong-related NFTs tied to corresponding physical assets early next month.

NFTs on FDCTech’s Ethereum-based platform describe the unique glass blowing process of each bong, with additional unique benefits. They will drop in the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 13), and the corresponding physical bongs will be auctioned Closed at Superchief Gallery.

Jason Harris, founder and president of Jerome Baker Designs, is credited with Top 10 glassblowers in the worldaccording to Smoking Products Market SLX.

He founded the company in the early 1990s and Snoop Dogg and other celebritiesGeorge Clooney, The Grateful Dead, Santana and Rita Marley.

He told Cointelegraph that he is excited to enter the world of crypto-driven digital art.

“As an artist, we need a certificate of authenticity to connect with art. NFTs act as proofs of authenticity and create value and legacy.”

According to Harris, while other forms of art such as sculpture can be reproduced or reproduced by bronzers and paintings, glass blowing is a one-off and cannot be reproduced.

“You’ll get a documented experience of the creation of that artwork, and there’s magic in it. It’s like buying a pair of Jordans. If you want to sell them, you probably want the packaging in perfect condition. The NFT acts as a certificate of authentication, and the artwork acts as the package. ”

Early Concepts Behind the NFT Series: Jerome Baker Designs

Harris says the five Bong NFTs unveiled at the Super Bowl on Sunday will align with his Burnt Orange collecta set of translucent bright orange glass bongs.

Those with Bong NFTs will get real-world benefits, such as glassblowing classes and a visit to DreamWorks Las Vegas (Jerome Baker Design HQ).

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This isn’t Jerome Baker Designs’ first foray into blockchain, the studio has been Accepting Bitcoin since 2012. Harris believes that the global population will soon jump on the bandwagon and accept crypto assets for payments. The company plans to accept Ethereum payments soon.