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Just recently, reality TV star, American Youtuber and Tiktoker Stephanie Matto raised $200,000 by selling her fart in a Mason jar online, making international headlines. After Mato had to go to the hospital and the doctor told her that the idea of ​​farting led to her hospitalization, she decided to sell her fart jar as a non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

Tiktoker releases Fart Jars NFT series

Youtuber and Tiktoker Stephanie Matto When she decided to sell her fart in a mason jar to online paying customers, she chose an interesting career option. This up-and-coming entrepreneur managed to raise $200,000 for her mason jarred farting, but the idea caused physical harm to her body.This is what a doctor said Tell After Mato was recently hospitalized, the idea of ​​her farting became a problem. In order to pay more attention to her body, Marto now relies on blockchain technology to continue her career as a fart seller.

Breakthrough NFT: The reality TV star who made $200,000 in mason jars launched the NFT series
Some Dart Jars NFTs from the Tiktoker Stephanie Matto website were launched last Wednesday.

Mato, the former reality show star of TLC’s “90 Days Fiance”, decided to launch And sell her work in the form of non-fungible token (NFT) assets. The website was launched last Wednesday and cast a fart can NFT at a cost of 0.05 Ethereum Or about $155 per NFT at the time of publication. “Imagine the smell,” the website declared, Matto is pretty sure that she is providing people with what they want.

“For the first time in its history, the NFT project provides people with what they want: Fart Jars,” the website claims. “Combine it with the deflationary mechanism, the redeemable items in real life, and the practicality in the form of accessing the extraordinary Stephanie Matto through the private discord channel of all holders. We are sure that the fart can will be. It surprises you.”

The fart tank is a practical NFT, Matto is not the first person to bring fart to the NFT stage

According to the website, NFT provides special privileges for NFT holders, such as access to a private Discord channel with Matto, Zoom meetings with reality TV stars, mentorship programs, and people can also use Matto’s Fart Jars as their social media profile. picture. “As long as I can remember, people think that girls don’t shit, and girls definitely don’t fart,” Matto said. “Today, we are changing the narrative about what women can and cannot do, and what women should and should not do.”

Youtuber and Tiktoker further added:

Fart Jars aims to own your body, your inner value, and bring a touch of creative genius! Making a statement and making an impact is not about farting—it is about pushing yourself to do whatever you are determined to do.

However, Stephanie Matto was not the first to bring farts into the NFT world, because the 36-year-old Alex Ramirez-Maris from Brooklyn created a 52-minute “Master Collection” NFT Audio File His fart. At that time, Ramírez-Mallis was able to sell some of his NFT fart records on Ethereum for between $85 and $183.

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