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Hello everyone! It is great to contact today and learn more about Hashland! Can you tell us more about the establishment of Hashland and why you decided to create Hashland?

Hello, everyone. First of all, I am honored to be interviewed. In the past few years, I have been involved in the game platform industry and have worked in the planning and operation of many large game companies around the world. The winter of 2018 was the first time I knew Metaverse. I am attracted by this technologically rich virtual world. Since then, creating a virtual world connected with reality has become my goal and dream. After understanding the current status of blockchain, I think that blockchain technology + Web3.0 can provide a good platform for Metaverse. Subsequently, I led our team to establish Metabase, and we began to build the Hashland Meta Universe step by step.

The Covid disaster of 2019 is undoubtedly the biggest challenge in human history. We know that this is the time when mankind most needs the virtual world to drive the real world economy. After combining Play-to-Earn’s work model with a perfect economic model, the Hashland Meta Festival was born.

Can you briefly introduce the most important things about Hashland?

In the Hashland metaverse, every user can obtain HC by purchasing Hashland NFT and participating in Hashland GameFi. Therefore, for Hashland, the user’s gaming experience and HC’s ecology are the most important. Regarding GameFi, we are working hard to develop various interesting games. For HC, we plan to list on Binance.

So how will Hashland affect the encryption/NFT field in 2022 and beyond?

We always firmly believe that in 2022, NFT and Metaverse will usher in unprecedented prosperity. And because Hashland NFT has PlaytoEarn and HC&BTC computing power, it will definitely become the most popular NFT in the entire crypto circle. Hashland NFT will eliminate the problem of large NFT financial bubbles and become the most valuable NFT.

Now, can you tell us what Hashland has achieved so far? Please tell us what you are most proud of.

HashLand NFT was originally launched on the Binance NFT market. As soon as it went online, it broke the historical sales record of the Binance NFT market, and it was sold out within 1 second. It has occupied the top three most popular series in the Binance NFT market for three consecutive weeks, ranking first in monthly transaction volume. On December 16, HashLand’s first GameFi “Hash Warfare” opened a closed beta. More than 20,000 people registered, and 500 lucky users were finally selected to participate in the public beta, and the number of online users reached 400.

Now, let us quickly review the future of Hashland. For example, what new things do you want to bring to life, and what does this mean for the entire project?

During the epidemic, we found that many people lacked financial resources because they were unable to work. The reason why the Hashland meta-universe we built introduces the Play-to-Earn work model is to hope that users can earn income while having fun. This income can be exchanged for money in life to improve their lives. It’s the same as going to work, but working in Hashland will be fun.

Tell us about your team. Who is behind the scenes?

As I mentioned before, we are Metabase, located in Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, etc. Our team comes from all over the world, with many top talents in the financial industry, encryption industry, and game industry.

So far, what partnerships has Hashland participated in, and which partnerships have the most influence?

You can view them at the bottom of the official website. I think the biggest impact is Binance NFT. I believe that many users know us because of Binance NFT. After all, they can only choose a good NFT. Secondly, we have 3.5 million fans in CMC, which also proves that our cooperation with CMC is also successful.

From a more technical point of view, what are the coin indicators of HC tokens, and how do these indicators lead to a stable and balanced system?

The total amount of HC is 21 million, and the daily output is 7,200, and the output is reduced by 10% every three months. In the card slot, integrated NFT and GameFi, HC is equivalent to the legal currency in the Hashland meta-universe, so we hired a professional financial team to carry out economic control of HC.

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