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RocketFuel Blockchain is a provider of payment solutions through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and ACI Worldwide is a company that provides digital payment software and solutions. They recently announced a partnership that will enable ACI secure e-commerce through A single integration provides RocketFuel’s solution.

ACI’s secure e-commerce solution Through RocketFuel integration, merchants can easily incorporate new payment methods into mobile checkout, providing new payment options for more and more customers who use cryptocurrency to make purchases. In addition, with the adoption of RocketFuel, a single integration will quickly and efficiently update new cryptocurrencies.

The partnership between RocketFuel and ACI Worldwide emerged after its new business model, where partners earn commissions from 100% of all revenue and transactions generated by merchants. RocketFuel also recently refurbished its partner dashboard, allowing partners to register and manage their merchants. Some of the benefits of the dashboard include details of all transactions, revenue generated, tracking of commissions earned, etc.

“We are very happy to partner with the payment leader ACI Worldwide to provide merchants and their customers with more choices. RocketFuel’s “zero-fee for life” pricing model makes it an attractive alternative to other traditional payment methods, including Fee.”
– Peter Jensen, CEO of RocketFuel

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