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Press release. Chicago, Illinois – January 9, 2022 —— Danjali Vatru, The creator of NFT™ game NFT has been abandoned, it will definitely be highly sought after by all people who know and understand Bitcoin, its impact on social development, and appreciate the value of digital art. According to Denjary, Game On NFT™ was inspired by his routine exercise on a treadmill and trying to explain Bitcoin while talking on the phone with friends.

With sports-themed pictures plastered on the wall in the sports area at home, he thought of using a football metaphor to help his friend (like football) understand Bitcoin better. At the end of the call, when the friend said that the metaphor really helped him understand it, Danjali walked to his desk and began to outline some of the thoughts expressed during the call. Eleven months later, after forming a creative team, Game On NFT™ was born.

The work is named Games start Because it symbolically represents the date when Satoshi Nakamoto (the inventor of Bitcoin) introduced Bitcoin as the first provably scarce digital cash into the world, making the concept of digital assets a reality, as a courage to provide withdrawal from the legal system The beginning of determination. The slogan of Game On NFT™ is “Its game starts…until its game ends”. The artist incorporated more than twenty-one (21) different elements into the artwork that personified the Bitcoin story and its supporters. Knowledgeable Bitcoin enthusiasts will recognize the symbolism used throughout the article and appreciate the deep thoughts in each carefully selected image or meme that represents certain key attributes of Bitcoin or the network. Since Bitcoin enthusiasts are likely to own or have owned Bitcoin for some time, they are stakeholders in the success of Bitcoin and will find value in the NFT celebrating the story of Bitcoin (the creation of a cryptocurrency in the digital asset category).

In addition, because Game On NFT™ is an inspired, customized artwork, it is distinguished from the random grouping of computer-generated pixelated art, which is currently the over-represented part of the NFT art category. Many others in the crypto community will find Game On NFT™ very popular, Because in addition to being a customized artwork, it can also be used as an educational tool to help others understand Bitcoin and increase its adoption rate.

The Game On NFT™ is available at Open sea platform Potential owners can choose one of the following eight sections and rows: cypherpunk, full node, miner, developer, speculator, maximalist, merchant, or consumer. For more information about Game On NFT™, please visit our website: Or email us [email protected].

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