Ledger Nano S Discount Code & Black Friday Sale

Ledger Nano S Discount code

Ledger Nano S Discount Code, Promo Code, Review: Afteahe long time, Finally most wanted Ledger product Ledger Nano S offers 50% Discount on Black Friday Sale.

Buy Ledger Nano S with 50% Discount

The Ledger Nano S is the product that single-handedly put an end to Trezor’s market domination. It’s one of the most compact hardware wallets out there, having a very small OLED screen and tow even smaller buttons. The device features easy USB compatibility with an operating system such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as security features such as PIN confirmation and two-factor authentication.

Ledger Nano S Discount code

Buy Ledger Nano S with 50% Discount

The Ledger Nano S offers good value for money as it encapsulates strong security features, a minimalist and uncomplicated design, as well as support for over 700 crypto coins and tokens. The only real downside (besides its small size which might deter some users) is the fact that it only works through Google Chrome Ledger manager app.

Users of Ledger’s Nanos S digital currency hardware wallet can now access the device in several colors. According to the company, this introduction is aimed at simplifying the storage of multiple digitals assets, as well as improving aesthetics.

The new wallet is known as Nano S Color and will be available in a variety of colors, including black, jade green, flamingo pink, lagoon blue, and Saffron yellow. Minimalists can also go for the option with a transparent casing.

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The change, however, is only external. Nano S Color bears the same features and functionalities as its predecessor. This means that it has an impenetrable security mechanism and supports hundreds of digital assets.

Buy Ledger Nano S with 50% Discount

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