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Press release. Zug, Switzerland, January 5, 2022: For many years, obtaining a diploma from a university or other institution was the only way to prove that you have specific job skills. However, the question is to what extent the diploma proves that the candidate is competent for the job. With the introduction of evaluations based on extensive scientific research and online development courses, the means to measure and develop skills are increasing. This is a great innovation for employers and employees. Employers can fairly conduct more accurate recruitment based on the skills required for their specific job. Employees also benefit a lot from it because they can find jobs that suit their skills and preferences. In addition, if personal characteristics such as age, cultural background, or gender are excluded from the matching process, everyone has a fair chance to get an interview.

Unlock your digital skills passport

Although the assessment and development course is a great innovation, it also introduces a new problem; several skill measurements and course certificates floating in different online applications. Ideally, people can import each credential into a personal wallet that they can use throughout their careers. Work X Is using a self-sovereign identity and personal NFT that you can earn and use Work internet Prove that you are the best candidate for this job! Because you are the sole owner of this data, you can control who you share it with.

Mark your skills and achievements

Work X Identify work credentials such as diplomas, online certificates, letters of recommendation, peer review or evaluation results as personal achievements. These personal achievements use self-sovereign identity to associate with your digital identity as a token representing yourself; your anchor in cyberspace. These data will not lose information related to your performance after employment, but are stored securely in your personal wallet for matching with new employers. This is related to full-time employees who tend to leak all data to their employers, because freelancers only generate reviews and star ratings on gig platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk or UpWork.

Personal NFTs generated on job X can be “booked” instead of being purchased by employers who need specific skills (groups) to complete the job. People can demonstrate important aspects of themselves in many situations and provide their personal NFT for various jobs on the Work X platform. With just one click, you can provide your services to write smart contracts, write articles, or design a piece of art! you Decide what aspects a specific target audience can see, and make your experience important by increasing their relevance. The Work X platform facilitates everything needed to achieve collaboration (for example, salary, review, matching, curation, and communication).

To ensure that personal NFT can be used everywhere, users do not need to bind the Work X platform to prove the authenticity of their skills. Work X will function as an open platform where people can use their NFT to directly match work.

“Daniel de Witte, CTO and co-founder of Work X, described that by introducing common standards, other projects can also use this technology to free their users from often closed islands. Because Work X will also be in the metaverse playground. Provides immersive collaboration, so this universal standard can achieve true metaverse travel, not only can use tradable NFT, but also more personalized things; your identity. Able to show and switch in different situations With the applicable achievements, skills or experience, people can quickly adjust themselves to fit any Metaverse world they want to travel.”

Work X recently successfully raised US$1.8 million and is about to launch the next round of private placement.Apply for a whitelist here And to learn more about the project, please visit:


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