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Hassan It is the first decentralized synthetic asset platform that combines intellectual property and computing power assets. HashLand reshapes the computing power market by combining NFT and computing power assets and synthesizing NFT to lay the foundation for S-NFT. Therefore, computing power providers and intellectual property providers can use HashLand’s mining contracts, purchase contracts, and mining contracts.

Ensure decentralized infrastructure such as SWAP, POOL, CREDIT, AUCTION, etc. S-NFT. With HashLand Synthetic NFT, every NFT will always exist, with unlimited expansion capabilities. Any third party can access all S-NFT data, allowing community developers to build their contracts on this basis.

HashLand has issued HC tokens to encourage development. Users who interact or contribute to development on HashLand will receive HC tokens as their contribution.

In addition to intense gameplay, every successful expedition will bring considerable HC token expenditures. Game players are motivated to join the GameFi ecosystem through the P2E mechanism, allowing Hashland to grow.

Hash Warfare is a brand new blockchain-based game. It uses Defi and NFT technology to enable hundreds of thousands of players to access the encrypted realm. Players can now “own” their game assets for the first time. Players can use tradable NFT cards to enjoy PVE, PVP, and even play against other guild members against BOSS.

HashLand is very extensible. The source, transaction history, and previous owner of each game item are recorded by NFT.it has Potential Change the way we value certain assets. The value of assets can now be determined by who owns them or what they do to them. For example, if the former is used by global e-sports star Faker, then one thing may be more valuable than it.

Smart contract is one of the key features of blockchain.For example, third-party developers can be based on Encrypted cat Games of 2017. As a result, it generates new elements, such as combat, trading, and even virtual reality.

HashLand also takes advantage of such a large amount of freedom. The project can combine HashLand synthetic assets with any basic assets or intellectual property rights.

  • Symbol: HC
  • Total supply: 21,000,000
  • Pre-mining: 2,100,000
  • Daily output: 7200
  • Deflation model: 0.25 HC per block; 7200 HC per day; 10% reduction every three months for a period of three years. Before GameFi is officially launched, the project will burn 45% of HC production.
  • Developer rewards: 10%
  • Pre-mining: 10%
  • Community airdrop: 2%
  • Contribution airdrop: 3%
  • NFT Farm: 15%
  • LP Farm: 15%
  • GameFi Farm: 45%

Blockchain games are a gold mine for everyone involved in the industry.

Asset ownership: Players will be able to use all the in-game items and equipment in their favorite games, which are usually cracked online through other types of fun. Players who understand asset ownership can protect their investment, whether it is time or money.

Reward mode: DeFi’s incentive mechanism allows users to use blockchain-based tokens and other assets to earn prizes and promote financialization. They can buy, sell and digitally exchange items in the market. Through HashLand’s game earning mode, gamers can use the open economy to reward them for just playing games.

Safety: The blockchain platform provides a decentralized network and market through strong data encryption technology, thereby forming a secure backbone. Since hackers must have the right node at the right time, it is almost difficult to crack the blockchain system.

Cooperation and partnership: Because most blockchains are based on consensus, participants and developers can interact freely, providing them with unlimited collaboration options. Overall, it is a gaming platform with a strong sense of community belonging, where players, developers and investors can collaborate at any time.

Better economic flow: Decentralized project ownership not only benefits participants. When gamers use these products in multiple games, game manufacturers may use the secondary market to generate new capital flows. The transparency of blockchain and open source networks has had a significant impact on the industry, and participants and developers may benefit from it.

New revenue model: The blockchain technology in the game can achieve a more realistic economic structure, allowing publishers to focus on the currency value in the game and creating a richer experience for players. They can develop novel methods to take advantage of players’ increasing willingness to pay.

  • Most of its outstanding features have not yet been launched: NFT, GameFi, and agricultural functions have not yet been fully utilized, so their full potential has not yet been utilized.

Hassan route map Only lasted until the end of this year, the fourth quarter. Up to now, the project has completed most of the stages. They focused on testing core functions in the second quarter, such as forging synthetic assets, trading, and lending. They conducted a contract code audit for the third quarter, started the Play to Earn mode, and started a beta test.

In the fourth quarter, they are currently pre-ordering the first batch of NFT cards. They are also upgrading, making, farming and developing GameFi.

As game players pay more and more attention to different game platforms, the game business is experiencing unprecedented large-scale expansion. Thanks to the revolutionary technology that debuted more than a decade ago, people now spend more time playing various games.

HashLand is expected to further expand into a blockchain gaming ecosystem, with a strategic focus on mobile devices. Its huge investment portfolio is supported by several successful venture capital companies and blockchain incubators, and has contributed to many initiatives. Foresight Venture Capital, Popular LabCapital companies in the crypto industry such as Game Mine Alliance, Waterdrip, Pluto Capital, etc. are all well-known investment partners.

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