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Press release. Zug, Switzerland, 13th January 2022: As part of its strategic business goal to become a leading gaming technology company, GAIMIN announced a plugin and metaverse environment that enables blockchain technology and NFTs to be used in Minecraft.

GAIMIN has developed a gaming and technology platform that provides blockchain and NFT technology to gamers and game studios, while providing gamers with a mechanism for passively generating rewards based on the processing power of gaming PCs. The GAIMIN platform consists of a Windows-based software application that allows users/gamers to earn rewards while playing. GAIMIN’s “P2E 2.0”, the next evolution in gaming (make money even if you don’t play!) platform leverages the processing power in gamers’ high-performance PCs to access GAIMIN’s distributed data processing network and generate rewards for gamers GAIMIN’s In the form of GMRX tokens. These rewards can be used to acquire in-game assets in the form of NFTs from GAIMIN’s marketplace, or to convert into other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies when GMRX is about to launch on cryptocurrency exchanges.

GAIMIN’s Minecraft addon provides a dedicated metaverse for GAIMIN’s Minecraft players, enabling these gamers to leverage NFTs and blockchain-based components in Minecraft to benefit from any NFT investments they make, leverage their GMRX rewards for acquiring assets. Blockchain technology allows gamers to acquire, store, use, sell, rent and pledge their NFT assets in games and applications that incorporate blockchain technology and NFTs into their software, ensuring that these assets may be available in different games and GAIMIN reuse in the ecosystem.

Martin Speight, CEO of GAIMIN, explained: “GAIMIN is a gaming and technology company. Our business is developed by gamers for gamers. In 2021, we successfully tested our technology to take advantage of the capabilities offered by GPUs in gaming PCs. Processing power to generate revenue for GAIMIN and reward gamers for using the device. As part of the development of our gaming platform, we want to provide our users with the facility to utilize their rewards in the games they play.

Joseph Turner, Chief Gaming Officer at GAIMIN, said: “Minecraft is the first goal of our blockchain and gaming technology. We developed our own metaverse environment for Minecraft based entirely on blockchain and NFT technology. Minecraft gamers can Access our Minecraft environment through the GAIMIN platform, play Minecraft and passively generate GMRX rewards for in-game use, improving their gaming experience while ensuring that any assets they acquire are never lost and can be used outside of Minecraft.

Martin concluded: “Minecraft is the first target of our blockchain and gaming technology. We plan to expand our technology to other gaming ecosystems and are developing an SDK for developers using the Unreal Game platform to be Blockchain and NFTs are leveraged in Unreal games. This will allow for the interoperability of NFT assets across different gaming ecosystems, allowing gamers to retain their investments in game assets that are not lost when players change games.”

With the listing of GAIMIN’s GMRX token, the GAIMIN platform with Minecraft blockchain and NFT updates will launch in February 2022. The GAIMIN.IO website allows users to register their interests and update the platform when it is released.


GAIMIN.IO Ltd (GAIMIN) is a UK and Switzerland based gaming company dedicated to helping the gaming community monetize the computing power of its gaming PCs. GAIMIN has created a decentralized data processing network that leverages the processing power typically found in gaming PCs to create a global decentralized data processing network that provides “supercomputer” performance.

PC-based application available for free download GAIMIN monetizes underutilized performance by delivering “supercomputer”-level data processing performance from a global network of independent processing devices through innovative methods. Initially focused on powering blockchain computing, the GAIMIN data processing network also supports many different large-scale data processing applications, including video rendering.

GAIMIN pays users in its own cryptocurrency, GMRX, which can then be used to buy NFTs, in-game assets, accessories, and merchandise on the GAIMIN Marketplace, or it can be converted into fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.

For more information, please contact:

Americas, Middle East and Australia Pacific – Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer For GAIMIN (in Toronto, Canada): [email protected]

UK and Europe – Mark Bray, Director of Communications For GAIMIN (headquartered in Manchester, UK): [email protected]

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