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Think you have seen all this in NFT? Think again. Of course, we have seen digital art collections, and some are even intertwined with tangible assets.Recently, we have even seen NFT, including patents and Nobel Prize-winning invention literatureToday, Liga MX franchise club Necaxa announced that they intend to provide something particularly unique through NFT-team ownership.

Big bid: Club Necaxa

The football club has only just started after selling nearly half of its franchise. Based on recent sales, the franchise is valued at “low nine digits” A Sportico reportThe sale is also worth noting because it is the first time a US investor has set foot in the so-called “Mexico NFL”. Real estate investor Al Tylis and DC United executive Sam Porter led the work. Major capital investors in NBA players such as Sean Marion, Richard Hamilton and Victor Oladipo, as well as other sports figures such as Justin Wieland and Mesut Ozil have also joined the ownership group.

Regarding the acquisition, Tylis said, “Sports is actually a media asset. I saw something that shocked me a while ago: In the United States alone, the number of people watching Liga MX exceeds that of Major League Soccer and the Premier League. The sum-this is just an incredible number for me.”

Tylis also recognizes the “buzz” of NFTs and admits that the attention on this unique NFT list must be part of the appeal. The decision “is definitely a way to stimulate interest in Necaxa”, noting that they are “adding something unique when implementing NFT with club ownership, which has never been done before.”

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OpenSea runs on the Ethereum network, and will be host to Necaxa's initial club token sale. | Source: ETH-USD on

Club Necaxa token

A pair of tokens will be auctioned in the next few days and will last until June 18. The franchise indicates that it will hold a permanent shareholding and will not be affected by dilution or future capital requirements. 1% ownership is always 1%. The token will be listed on OpenSea and will still be transferable after the initial sale. Blockchain consulting company B9Labs has partnered with franchise to launch the token, which is expected to be launched with a starting asking price of $1.3 million.

In addition to the franchise, the club’s tokens will also allow the owner to use the club’s facilities, home and away game tickets, and any championship rings the club has won.

Although many football clubs have been paying attention to or using “fan tokens”-usually launched by companies such as Socios, Necaxa is raising the dial to a higher level. Digital existence satisfies tangible ownership.

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