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Fantom Foundation, an organization that works closely with partners to support adoption Fantom blockchain network, Has announced new grants to a group of projects that it believes will accelerate network growth. Fantom is a modular, extensible and customizable smart contract platformLachesis, aBFT consensus algorithm developed by Fantom.It is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and can be used with Universe Software Development Kit.

Grant recipients include:


Coordinape allows decentralized teams and DAOs without top-down management or human resources to independently allocate and reward funds to contributors.

Vision is an all-in-one dashboard that is used to manage your DeFi liquidity pool and track earnings / impermanent losses in real time. is rapidly evolving to support a wide range of AMM.


Cryptokek is a user-friendly cryptocurrency multi-chain charting and data analysis tool.

Millennium Finance

A development studio that develops cross-chain and DeFi tools (such as NFT DAO), focusing on collaborative art and specialized liquidity pools and tokens. Millennial recently released a cross-chain tool called Zaps.


Mushroom Finance is a cryptocurrency revenue vault that focuses on helping users obtain sustainable passive income through automated production agriculture and automated compound profits. In early May, Mushrooms launched a set of high-yield breeding ponds on Fantom.

Ghost exchange

Fantom’s Automated Market Making (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Opera Net. SpookySwap rapidly develops its community through airdrops, NFT gifts and other methods.

Soul swap

SpiritSwap follows the classic AMM model and provides a platform for profitable trading, mortgage and farming on the Fantom network.

Super jump

Hyperjump is a project on Fantom Opera Chain and Binance Smart Chain, dedicated to combining video games with DeFi.

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