Everything you should know about ripple

Everything about Ripple

Cryptocurrency is best investment if you know to trade or how to invest in this. I am making more then 300$ dollar from cryptocurrency every month.

But people usually invest in cryptocurrencies and say it is not legit scam.

It is not Bigg boss live show where you have to watch show. Here you have understood many terms regrading cryptocurrency’s.

Today we gonna talk about one of the famous and centralized currency I.e. ripple (XRP) currency. So,

What is ripple:

Ripple is centralized currency which is created for the purpose of avoid the problem which we faced during the money transfer. With the help of ripple any one can send money to others without any hidden charges. You have to pay 20XRP if you want to start using Ripple wallet.

But at this time 20xrp does not take that much value, so it is worth it. You will get back if you don’t want to use ripple wallet.
You can also say, ripple is combination of digital currency and payment gateway integrated together to make easy the job of banks.

Everything about Ripple

Where to buy ripple?

Here are lots of site available in the market from where you can buy ripple but I will suggest to use binance. Binance is multi cryptocurrency trading website. Here you can trade as well as store your coin.

I am using binance from last year and believe me it is very easy to use. Other then binance there are many other sites also present which help you to buy and sell ripple.

Some of them is zebpay, koinex,cex.io, bitfinex etc.

How many ripple coins are there?

At the time of creation company created total 100 millions of coin. Half of the coin I.e 50 billion coins are release for circulation and half of coin is taken by company.

Is it good time to invest in ripple?

In ending of 2017, ripple crossed in terms of market cap to Ethereum. Price of Ethereum is increased to 70%. At that time my investment gets doubled just in a day.

Also, just like Ethereum ripple also have many application. It can be integrated to any payment gateway. Banks are willing to use this in their future project.

With the ripple people can track their transaction in real time. Also, the transaction is transparent. So, problem of black money and money laundering can be avoided with the help of ripple.


At the end of this post I can just say ripple(xrp) is good investment. If you know trading then you can make really a good amount of money with the help of this currency. As price of bitcoin is fluctuating to much so you can trade in ripple. It is more stable as compare to ripple.

I will suggest you to invest in this. If you like this post then don’t forget to share this post with other.

If you have any doubt then let me know in comment section. I will try to solve your problem. Cheers !!

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