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  • The first blockchain world Abu Dhabi welcomed more than 5,300 attendees and conducted a live broadcast, with global online visitors from more than 100 countries
  • The largest blockchain event in the history of the Middle East and North Africa was attended by online and offline audiences
  • With more than 60 expert speakers and a total of 1.3 billion social fans online, they have brought surprises to the audience

The Abu Dhabi blockchain world, featuring the Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit (DCS 2021) and Helicon Studio, lit up the digital world in December this year. The first event brought together online and offline cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts from more than 100 countries around the world (including the United Kingdom, India, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines).

A total of 60 international expert speakers and 32 media partners provided education to 5,329 attendees in 3 days, which is indeed “not a typical blockchain event”.Not only are a large number of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts and companies appearing, Blockchain World’s mission to educate everyone makes this show truly unique Gaming, trading and entrepreneurship seminars and master classes Enter a fascinating experiential activity. Helicon Studio, the first XR studio, was launched in the Middle East and produced more than 17 shows in less than 3 days, totaling more than 30 hours of studio-quality video content.Major global experts and speaker include: Jordan Belfort, “The Real Wolf of Wall Street”; David Shing, also known as “Shingy”; Christopher Traverse, Alternative Media Group; Brett King, Neo Bank, Moven; Isaac Serwanga, speaker and writer.

Abu Dhabi Blockchain World welcomes local and international dignitaries and ministers.The opening ceremony was attended by: His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed Al Hamid, Chairman of the Ministry of Health of Abu Dhabi; He Ying, Awaidha Murshed Al Marar, Chairman of the Ministry of Energy of Abu Dhabi; Ahmed Mohammed, Deputy Minister of Energy His Excellency Al Rumaithi; Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer Yardno.


In the Abu Dhabi blockchain world, we have witnessed the opening of a new era of online and blockchain gaming, HeliconNFT. HeliconNFT put power back into the hands of gamers, which is a new vision for DeFi, NFT and game platforms. HeliconNFT is a new online world that combines the game Metaverse with the NFT purchase and trading platform to provide real rewards where you can play games, mine and make money, and become the master of the new market. In addition to platform launches, Helicon Studio and Helicon Media also launched new wave content and information channels, aiming to provide superior quality audience content and industry-leading experiences.

HeliconNFT announced its global partnership with the UK at the press conference Bad Fox Studio and Basic game, Met during HeliconNFT’s recent discussion with the British Game and Interactive Entertainment Trade Association Fujiang, Provide custom game options for future players, and integrate existing game masters into the platform.

Blockchain and the future of the UAE

For the past 50 years, the UAE has been a visionary, driving innovation in the region and the world.Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are enthusiasts of blockchain and financial technology, aiming to save millions of hours of manpower, while providing more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly forms of government and administration, while providing key business drivers. For example SCA and DWTCA agreement Regarding the licensing of crypto assets, and investing in all cryptocurrencies and metaverses.Recently, Mubadala Investment Company announced their Interest in the crypto ecosystem, Said Khaldoon Al Mubarak, CEO and Managing Director interview For CNBC, “I think it (encryption) is real. This is a company that was worth 200 billion US dollars two years ago, and it is now worth 2.5 trillion US dollars and is still growing. So, although many people are skeptical, but I am not in this category.”

Since the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum first proposed the “Smart Dubai Plan” to transform Dubai into a smart city in 2013, his goal is to provide more Good quality by using we are now in Dubai, Blockchain Strategy in 2020 and Emirates’ blockchain strategy.

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About DCS 2021

The Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit (DCS 2021) will be held on December 15-17, 2021 at the National Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This conference will gather relevant government departments, well-known blockchain industry experts, industry investment institutions, related academic and research institutions, star project parties, and other parties to participate. This conference will provide more policies and financial support for the distributed storage industry, as well as a larger influx of talents.

About Cloud Technology

CloudTech Group is headquartered in the UAE and has subsidiaries in Australia. It is a leader in financial technology and one of the world’s leading blockchain technology groups, providing services covering all aspects of the blockchain industry. Our services range from cooperation with the government to technical research and legal and compliance consulting. In order to help build the blockchain industry ecosystem, we have formulated a complete industrial layout plan to explore the underlying technology of the blockchain.


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