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Enya, a provider of decentralized privacy solutions, has partnered with OMG Network, the leader of Ethereum’s expansion development, and today announced its cooperation with Web3API, which is a Developer tool chain This makes it easy to integrate the Web3 protocol into applications in any programming language.

Web3API simplifies the construction of decentralized applications (dApps), allowing more developers to build applications quickly and efficiently.

This partnership represents Enya’s mission to provide its developers with the best tools to build seamlessly and easily with OMGX. Launched by Enya and OMG Network, OMGX is the second layer platform Supports smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), token mortgages, and simplified cross-chain liquidity.

“Following our recent announcement of the OMGX public testnet, we are very happy to work with Web3API to pave the way for a more inclusive Ethereum ecosystem-providing a level playing field for all developers. By using simple GraphQL queries and Eliminating the need for a client SDK, Web3API enables applications to interact with OMGX through any programming language, thereby taking OMGX to new heights,” said Alan Chiu, founder and CEO of Enya.

Enya and OMG Network will build a Web3API module for querying and interacting with OMGX. The goal is to cultivate a vibrant application ecosystem around OMGX and provide a compelling and affordable user experience.

“We are proud to welcome our newest partners Enya and OMG Network, who will play a key role in making the Web3 protocol universally accessible, helping developers to more easily build on OMGX and other Ethereum layer 2 extension platforms. We are excited about this strategic partnership and the way we can accelerate access and adoption of our turnkey solutions for building dApps,” said Jordan Ellis, one of the original Web3API developers.


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