Due to “deflationary forces”, Bitcoin may reach USD 100,000 in 2022, and gold may reach USD 2,000 in 2022-Bloomberg analyst


100,000 USD Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And $2,000 in gold may usher in 2022, as the global market faces “deflationary forces”, Bloomberg Intelligence said.

in a tweet On December 9, Mick McGlone, a senior commodity strategist in Bloomberg’s research department, predicted that next year will be good for both gold and BTC.

The “positive impact” of deflation on Bitcoin

As inflation Making global headlines this month, Bitcoin has been criticized for its so-called hedging role that fell 39% from an all-time high.

As Cointelegraph ReportThe latest US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data will be released on Friday, and analysts expect inflation to soar 6.7% year-on-year.

McGraw believes that next year may be very different, as inflationary pressures give way to falling commodity prices and stocks.

“100,000 dollars in Bitcoin, 50 dollars in oil, 2,000 dollars in gold?” He tweeted.

“The peaking of commodities and the decline in U.S. long-term Treasury yields indicate that deflationary forces are likely to recover in 2022, which will have a positive impact on Bitcoin and gold.”

Macro asset comparison chart.Source: Mike McGron/Twitter

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Schiff predicts inflation “enters the Middle Ages”

Magron is Well known Because of his bullish view of Bitcoin. Due to its relatively flat performance with Bitcoin, gold, which has been criticized this year, may also benefit from macro headwinds.

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The debate between Bitcoin and gold continues to be fierce, with supporters blaming each other because neither camp has seen the type of earnings they believe in the fourth quarter.

However, people have reached a consensus on the issue of inflation.

“How long will investors realize that even if the Federal Reserve implements its anti-inflation plan to curtail quantitative easing and raise interest rates slightly in 2022, it will be too late to derail the inflation dominance?” Gold Worm Peter Schiff Inquire this week.

“If Powell hadn’t had the Middle Ages, inflation would be!”

American inflation chart. Source: Tradingeconomics.com