Deadline June 18: Celo Foundation Wave IV Grant Program


Celo Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting the development of Celo Open blockchain platform, Recently announced a new grant program. Provide funding and guidance for projects that accelerate technology development and expand the Celo ecosystem; the Celo Foundation Grant Program is an open program, and anyone is encouraged to apply.

The grant is based on four key areas:

  • Promote the innovation and development of the Celo platform and Celo Reference walletsecond.
  • Lower barriers to entry and encourage developers and end users to use Celo.
  • Educate and expand Celo’s global community.
  • Expand Celo’s visits, opportunities and influence.

Following the launch of the Celo mainnet last year, Celo community ecosystem It has been growing. To date, the Celo Foundation grant program has supported more than 90 projects in 54 countries/regions, with a capital value of US$4.9 million in the past three rounds of financing. The last wave aroused strong interest in more than 170 applications.

Can submit the fourth wave of applications funded by the Celo Foundation Here.

The deadline for submitting applications is June 18, 2021.

The Celo Foundation is now happy to invite developers, designers, visionaries, and doers from all over the world to participate in some of the key priorities of the Celo ecosystem.For ideas not listed in the list below, please feel free to submit or join #grants Conversation on Discord Feedback.

Lower barriers to entry

  • On/off ramp: A proposal to provide users with more options to purchase, sell and use Celo assets conveniently and compliantly; including cUSD and cEUR with legal tender.
  • Multi-chain wallet: Multi-chain wallet providers recommend adding Celo assets, which will help connect other digital asset users with Celo.
  • Open API for accepting cUSD and cEUR online: Proposals to make it easier for online merchants to accept cUSD and allow users to spend cUSD and cEUR without going through an export.In addition, related suggestions E-commerce plugin Utilize APIs such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.
  • Agency network: In order to promote financial inclusion, agency networks play a key role in educating users and allowing them to access encrypted assets. Agency networks in some major emerging markets promote the use and adoption of Celo, which can further benefit the larger Celo community.

Go to financial institution

  • Community funding platform: Entrepreneurs on the Celo platform will benefit from being able to raise funds compliantly and at low cost. The proposal may include the establishment of a compliance platform to incentivize liquidity providers and founders to participate in mission-related projects in the Celo ecosystem.
  • Lending platform: Lending platforms can help Celo establish its core mission of inclusive finance. Zero and under-collateralized loans Particularly interesting and solutions that support the credit market, such as Credit score and insurance.
  • Liquidity management: Tools that help automate different strategies to manage the liquidity of digital assets.
  • DeFi aggregator: One of the obstacles to adopting DeFi is user accessibility and understanding. The DeFi aggregator can simplify the user experience of interacting with the DeFi protocol.
  • Tokenization of different asset classes: NFT is used to enable new asset classes on the blockchain. The Celo Foundation would like to see more research on how to create and deploy new asset classes on Celo.

Maker Economy

  • market: Creators use the Celo blockchain to publish their works directly to the community’s platform.
  • DAO: A mechanism to achieve collective ownership among creators, publishers, and their audiences.
  • Social media platforms: A platform for collaboration between artists, creators and their audiences using social relationships to promote co-creation, display and exchange of NFT


  • Credit card and physical card-based solutions: A proposal to enable Celo users to use payment cards to earn rewards and/or spend Celo assets.
  • Decentralized market And/or use case: Allow and educate buyers and sellers to interact and trade in a trusted, permissionless manner.
  • Integrate payment with SMS/iOS messenger: More ways to trade through the Celo network through a familiar interface to encourage accessibility.

Promote the adoption of Celo

  • Celo’s online catalog available locally: As the community develops more ways to access Celo assets, the regularly updated online catalog will help users understand where CELO, cUSD and cEUR can be accessed in their area.
  • Earn plan. Proposals to help users earn Celo assets, such as micro works.
  • Referrals, rewards and cashback programs: Proposals that enable Celo users to recommend their friends and family, use Celo assets to trade, and earn rewards.


  • Localized technical and non-technical education and coaching: Mother tongue education courses, especially Tagalog/Filipino, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Turkish and German courses, but all are welcome. Priority will be given to technical education for developers who are new to blockchain and Web3.
  • Motivating and gamified learning plan: Learning new and technically complex things can be challenging-this is why the Celo Foundation wants to see programs that motivate learning and/or take advantage of the dynamics of the game.
  • Content and education: Create and promote mobile-friendly programs to showcase the potential of Celo technology and its mobile-first approach. Some use cases for content include community currencies, natural asset-backed currencies, and universal basic income (UBI).

Community Building

  • Raise awareness of the Celo platform, CELO, cUSD and cEUR: Help the community join the next 1 billion Celo users. Blockchain still has high access barriers, and the Celo Foundation is looking for ideas to help overcome these barriers and make it easy for everyone to get the benefits of Web3. Especially for the ideas of merchants and remittance users in emerging markets.
  • College student club: The Celo Foundation is happy to support global student groups to establish blockchain education programs and courses according to their needs.
  • Community-based solutions: The Celo Foundation is interested in supporting a team that is handling any given request through a community-based inclusive solution.


  • Offline transactions: Support offline or local network transactions in the Celo blockchain client for wallets with low connectivity. For example, this will allow users without Internet access to send transactions via the merchant’s retail POS or phone; use NFC, Bluetooth or 2 QR code scanning.
  • Privacy (identity and transaction): The Celo Foundation is interested in the development and implementation of compliance methods around the protection of privacy because it is related to on-chain identities and transactions.
  • Proof: Plumo requires participants to contribute computing resources to run Plumo provers to generate proofs and gossip them on the network.


  • Blockchain monitoring: The Celo Foundation is looking for tools that will allow developers to easily monitor the Celo network and trigger other actions (possibly via webhooks).
  • Block explorer: There are several popular Celo block explorers, but the diversity of block explorers is an important part of a healthy blockchain network.

the study

  • Local currency kit: Local currencies supported by blockchain technology have the potential to reshape and revitalize communities. The Celo Foundation hopes to support teams that are exploring what this might look like and how to execute it; and to share their research with the broader blockchain and local currency communities.
  • CBDC sandbox: The central bank’s digital currency will be launched soon. How does the central bank use the public blockchain network and how to join? The Celo Foundation is looking for project applications that can help the central bank join Celo.
  • Bond issuance sandbox: This is related to the tokenization of different asset classes, but the focus is on how to issue bonds on Celo.

Timetable and key dates

  • Deadline for registration: June 18, 2021.
  • Announcement of Celo Foundation grant recipients: July 21, 2021.

Want more information:

Can submit an application Here. For more information and any questions, please send an email to


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