Dacxi releases global tokenized crowdfunding solution

Press release. Overjoyed Already announced Daxi Chain-The WorldThe first tokenized crowdfunding system, showing The revolutionary business potential of blockchain. The tokenization of digital assets will change the way the world conducts business—especially the financing of new businesses.

Introduce the world’s first tokenized crowdfunding system-Dacxi Chain’s unique trillion use case-Dacxi Coin’s latest encryption-based wealth accumulation innovation.

A place in the $24 trillion market

IBM estimated digital assets By 2027, the market value will reach US$24 trillion.

They estimate that $1 trillion of this will be “unlisted stocks.” In other words, this is the expected value of the tokenized venture capital market. This shows the great potential of Dacxi Chain and its ecosystem supported by Dacxi Coin.

Dacxi Coin powers Dacxi Chain

Dacxi Coin is the native currency of Dacxi Chain, allowing investments to be transported instantly and cheaply on a global scale.

  • Tokens are responsible, traceable, and impossible to counterfeit.
  • The token is supported by the global Dacxi network to ensure education and The security of the provided transaction.
  • Transaction costs are low (close to zero).
  • Liquidity (limited by tokens) is much greater.fair Investment in start-up companies has been lacking liquidity for many years.
  • In view of the above, there may be a larger pool Potential investors.

Dacxi Chain connects a new world of innovation and success

Dacxi Chain is ready to release the true potential of global venture capital and turn crowdfunding into a trillion-dollar field. Dacxi Chain will make obtaining capital and finding investment opportunities easier and cheaper than ever. Millions of people and billions of dollars will flow into the market, bringing countless new projects around the world.

Ian Lowe, CEO of Dacxi Say”The current equity crowdfunding field is worth 10 billion U.S. dollars.itThis is insignificant compared to the real funding needsRight there-in every corner of the world. With a system like Dacxi Chain, we believe that by 2027, the tokenized crowdfunding department alone may reach a valuation of USD 1 trillion. “

Other applications of Crypto 4.0 show us the future of tokenization in finance and investment, including Chiliz fan tokens, NFTs, and the huge Facebook Diem payment system, which provide people all over the world, especially billions of people, with security, Affordable financial services have a valid bank account.

Dacxi Chain will change the world

Fernando Pacheco, Chief Product Officer, Dacxi Say”Dacxi Chain tokenized crowdfunding is a perfect use case for Crypto 4.0. It will help countless new innovations become reality-and truly change the lives of millions of people around the world.itThis is part of the financial market technology infrastructure revolution led by Dacxi and other financial technology companies that focus on blockchain. “

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