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Bit stamp, one Popular Bitcoin trading company ZEBEDEE, a virtual world encrypted payment game technology company founded in 2011, today announced a partnership to build a bridge between the growing Bitcoin gaming ecosystem and the broader crypto economy.

By integrating the ZEBEDEE Bitcoin game wallet with Bitstamp, gamers will be able to transfer Bitcoin between the game and the real world.

Zebidi’s Bitcoin gaming wallet It is the entry point into the Bitcoin game world. More than 10,000 gamers, including celebrities from the game streaming world such as Furiousss, Tweeday and D0cC, are already playing Counter-Strike: Use ZEBEDEE technology to conduct games such as Bitcoin Global Offensive and use the income they earn Withdraw to ZEBEDEE wallet.

However, so far, it has been difficult to exchange bitcoins earned in the game into other currencies or use it for payment. Bitstamp is now to solve this problem and raise the economic potential of Bitcoin games to a new level.

“Games and e-sports have become popular worldwide and are growing rapidly… It makes sense to bring these worlds together. As the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, we are happy to use our extensive expertise And reliable infrastructure to support the huge economic potential of Bitcoin games.”
– Julian Sawyer, CEO of Bitstamp

Bitstamp + ZEBEDEE

ZEBEDEE and Bitstamp have always had close ties before. The main members of the Bitstamp team, including CTO David Osojnik, participated in the first ever CS:GO game played for Bitcoin-this is the infusion of ZEBEDEE in them earlier this year applicationCS:GO is the most popular multiplayer shooting game in the world. Real-time Bitcoin transfers can now be used as an additional incentive layer, or ZEBEDEE calls it the “skin in the game.”

“Bitcoin has indeed changed the rules of the game in more than one way. Suddenly, your score in the game has real-world economic value. This greatly increases your participation in the game; but it also points out Possible economic model. I fully believe that gaming is our way to bring the next billion users into cryptocurrency, and in the future, young people will earn their first salary by playing games.”
——Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE

The partnership announcement was released on the eve of the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, where ZEBEDEE announced the upcoming game event MintGox Esports Arena, where live or online game players will be able to play various Bitcoin games. Bitstamp has appeared in Esports Arena in large numbers and donated 0.5 BTC for free during the entire conference.

Now, with the announcement of their partnership, Bitstamp has invested another half of Bitcoin to support the Bitcoin gaming ecosystem, all of which will be directly distributed to gamers through Bitcoin-injected CS:GO competitions. Therefore, gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and those who just want to earn some bitcoins while playing games can expect to get a share of 1 bitcoin in CS:GO games played through ZEBEDEE Infuse, and these games absolutely do not have any Additional conditions.


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