Crypto wages are becoming a popular way to attract young talents


Athletes and politicians made headlines when they chose to get paid through cryptocurrency earlier this year. Now, in order to attract a younger workforce, companies are beginning to provide encrypted wages.

Recent CNBC article Two different situations were emphasized, in which young people get paid in cryptocurrency. College student Stephen Gerrits and artist Tiyanna Brown decided to use cryptocurrency to get paid. Gerrits works part-time in a technology startup, while Brown sells digital art in exchange for Ether (Ethereum).

According to Gerrits, due to changes in cryptocurrency prices, his income exceeds his cash income. However, it does not always rise. He said that he let it go, he will be happy when the price goes up, but the fun ends when the price goes down.

Since his bills are paid by other income, he considered his crypto investment. “Why not seize the opportunity or opportunity to get rich and make some money from it,” he questioned.

At the same time, 29-year-old Tiyanna Brown sells artwork on Rarible, which allows you to receive ETH as payment for your digital artwork. Brown is optimistic that this will provide better results in the long run. “It’s almost like authorization, so every time someone uses your artwork, you get a certain percentage,” she said. Brown also mentioned that she wanted to treat the term “hungry artist” as “a thing of the past.”

In 2021 alone, many reports show that athletes are getting paid in cryptocurrency. In August, Football star Lionel Messi Obtained fan tokens for the transaction with Paris Saint-Germain. In November, National Football League players Odell Beckham Jr. and Aaron Rogers chose to accept encrypted payments.The former said he would take him Bitcoin’s NFL full salary (Bitcoin) And the latter will only receive His BTC salary.

In addition, in response to the challenge of Bitcoin evangelist Anthony Pompliano, three American politicians announced that they would accept Bitcoin salary.Miami Major Francis Suarez, New York Mayor chooses Eric Adams, And Tampa Mayor Jane Custer says They will be paid in BTC.

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As early as November, LinkedIn reported that Encryption-related work list This has increased by 600% since August 2020. In addition, large financial companies also provide huge bonuses to attract more crypto talents. According to human resources company Johnson Associates, the salary of encrypted positions is 20% to 30% higher than comparable non-encrypted positions.

There are also some setbacks when choosing to get paid through encryption.One of them is your employer requirement Retrieve paymentA letter sent to The Moneyist of MarketWatch by an employee who did not want to be named stated that the employee received cryptocurrency for contract work. After that, the token surged 700%. The company’s CEO then sent an email to the employee requesting the return of the digital assets and offering to pay in U.S. dollars.