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Both companies participate in the two-person sacrifice phase at the same time. Sacrifice to express your voice, the world needs environmental protection Bitcoin By 2024, the mining industry expects Bitcoin Mining will use as much electricity as Australia.

Changes can happen, but only if they are expressed together through sacrifice. After the sacrifice phase is over, the total sacrifice points for each sacrifice address will be accumulated; this will create a list of sacrifices in descending order of total score.

The minimum sacrifice is set to 100 points. As long as the minimum sacrifice is $4 million or more, each victim will receive the following products and services:

A company points (1 for 1)

B company points (1 for 1)

Reward coin points (1/4 to 1)

Frega points (5% of the Sac amount 1 for 1)

Potential Gift Collection Participation Program (Bitcoin Sacrifice address only)

The minimum sacrifice is set to 100 points

In addition to the 100 points of 250 – 499 sacrifice points, it also includes:

EcoSac Dryfit Long Sleeve Shirt

Safepal S1 Hardwallet with leather case

In addition to the 100 and 250 points of 500-999 sacrifice points, it also includes:

500 2D LE NFT for sacrifices 501 to 999 on day 1

All other sacrifices on Day 1 will receive 2D NFT

For days 2-14, non-LE 2D NFTs are sorted in descending order of capsule volume

Encrypted tax software for 1 year

1,000 or more sacrifice points or more in addition to 100, 250, and 500 points include:

500 3D NFT LE for the 500th sacrifice on day 1

Eco-watch or flash drive depends on availability

Five random wallet addresses will be selected for rewards through aggregation:

Tesla Model 3 remote

(Tax liability will be borne by the victim or wallet holder)

Those who cannot afford the tax liability can choose to let STM auction vehicles at the highest sacrifice and obtain Bitcoin Instead of cars.

The five random wallet addresses of Full-Bridge Implant Giveaway include:

All extractions as needed

All bone grafts except sinus lift

High-quality Neodent Aqua implants provide one of the fastest healing times for implants in the world

Zirconia Pro – Upper/lower zirconia teeth using Prettau 2 dispersed zirconia from Zirkonzahn-one of the most stunning aesthetics in the world

Provide BL1 color number:

Unconditional 5-year warranty. There is no rule out. There is no deductible.

Executor Or it may be in the location closest to you.

This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

*All victims who want the program need to be candidates for it if only The doctor can make a decision because the STM or the person involved in the sacrifice cannot provide any medical advice and will not do so at any time.

**All candidates need to take X-rays at their own expense in order to conduct preliminary consultations for surgical considerations

Leaderboard bonus:

In addition to the 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 points of the top 14 (minus the top 6), the total sacrifice points include:

Eco-friendly bicycles or scooters (if available from company B)

In addition to the 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 points for the top 5 (minus the top 1), Sacrifice points will also receive 1 whale pass (if there are other tickets) + 1 Bitcoin In Miami in 2022.

In addition to the highest sacrifices of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 points, you will also get a full paid trip, including hotel and air travel, and London2049 in October 2022 or their Bitcoin conference transfer from their hometown to London . choose.

performance bonus:

After that, for every 3 million sacrifices and 9 million sacrifices, 15,000,000 USD exist Bitcoin Will be sent randomly to Bitcoin Wallet address.

Each person’s point supply increases with the number of sacrifices. Each sacrifice point generates a free double point. This means that a sacrifice point gets 1 point in company A, 1 point in company B plus 25% of the reward currency, plus 5% of each sacrifice is converted into Frega points, and depends on the number of Sacs and additional Products or services can be obtained such as hard wallet, NFT 2D or 3D, Tesla, London Conference, Miami’s Bitcoin 2022, etc. The dollar value of the sacrifice is estimated as needed using a 60-minute time-weighted average price. In the next 2022, the total points of Company A, Company B and Bonus will be exchanged for three different coins, and the value of these coins will start from zero when they are launched on various exchanges.

Points reward:

Those with the most prominent voices and the most important sacrifices will be ranked first. The second is the largest, and so on, with 100 points as the lowest sacrifice. After the sacrifice, the volume reward will now be added to the total points from the largest receiving 3X, and each subsequent reward will be slightly reduced until it is slightly higher than 1x. The difference between each point reward is the smallest, but this is a difference.

Finally, all sacrificed addresses are added in the order of total points plus bonuses-3x bonus for the first address to the last address slightly higher than 1x. Now, everyone is getting the compensation they deserve for advocating environmentally friendly electricity. This can now be seen on the linear bonding curve from 1x+ to 3x.

The most important total score is at the beginning. The next highest total number of sacrifice points is the next one, and so on. The 1st and 2nd day will get 3 times the maximum bonus; the 3rd day will start from 2.5 times, and the fixed bonus on the 12th-14th day will be 1.25 times.

Dual corporate goals:

  • reduce Bitcoin Global mining electricity consumption
  • Use all off-grid power supplies.
  • Use other renewable energy
  • Wind power, solar power, water power, waves and torch gas reduce the impact on the environment Bitcoin mining.
  • Environmental sound
  • To maintain its descendants
  • emission reduction
  • Achieve 100% carbon-free emissions through MPG (Magnetic Power Generation System)

Time to sacrifice!



Soft start starts on 12/14/21 @ 12 am UTC

Hard boot will start on 1/4/22 @ 12 am UTC

The breakthrough integrated decentralization technology will be launched in the first quarter of 2022, bringing huge disruption.

When sacrifice, You will be able to sacrifice in two ways: decentralized or centralized.

Decentralized – Except for the wallet address, there is no information about the sacrifice, but you cannot get any products or services.

concentrated – The following information about accepting sacrifices for any product or service will be requested:

  1. username
  2. password
  3. address
  4. telephone
  5. e-mail
  6. Wallet address
  7. Shirt size
  8. Shirt color
  9. Watch (male/female)
  10. 2fa verification email + phone number

You are sacrificing your voice for the Eco-fi blockchain capabilities. Solidarity expresses a clear consensus that change is needed. Let this sound be an environmental statement. Sacrifice cannot expect to profit from the efforts of others. Join this environmental statement, and a great community will receive dual currency airdrop + reward coin airdrop, cold wallet storage device, potential gift pool participation program, NFT, conference pass and Tesla. These sacrifice points do not imply any monetary value. All sacrifices are not to buy anything, because a group of people unite for the sake of environmental protection and try to make a statement for the required changes. Some countries may impose taxes on their citizens when they receive valuables. The currency of Dual Company is designed to start without transaction, which is the first choice in this field. Please always seek professional advice from your own legal and financial professionals, as nothing written, stated or mentioned here should not be considered professional, legal or financial advice. As of now, the environmental protection organization will receive two tokens from both companies participating in the sacrifice, plus one reward token. This may change the way in which on-chain transactions and other services and products are traded in the future, depending on the amount of sacrifice. . All items will be delivered to the sacrifice place within twelve months after the end of the sacrifice. Due to various reasons beyond anyone’s control, everything may change, so there is no guarantee or promise. Anyone who wants its sac-level services and products needs to provide shirt size, shirt color, full name, email, # and mailing address at the time of sacrifice. Otherwise, connect your wallet through the DEX style and sacrifice to any of the six allowed cryptocurrencies. As long as the total amount of sacrifice exceeds USD 8 million or the sacrifice is agreed at STM’s sole discretion, all products and services will be sent accordingly. May change at any time.

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