Where to Buy Ripple in Canada, USA & UK?

How to Buy Ripple

Where to Buy Ripple (XRP): Ripple Cryptocurrency reached the second position in the coinmarketcap recently. The growth of the cryptocurrency stunned the traders and attracted many investors to invest more in crypto exchanges to get great returns. If you are from the USA, UK or Canada and still searching for How to Buy Ripple or Where to Buy Ripple, then you are at the right place. This just involves two-step process to buy the Ripple coin.

According to the sources, Ripple is expected to hit the Coinbase trading portal this month. But when it hits there, we can’t expect it to be at the current price. Sure it will be 2x of the current price. Once it hits the coinbase, the price of the Ripple coin will be around $5 to $7 according to our analysis.

Buy Ripple in Binance

Where to Buy Ripple Coin in Canada, USA & UK?

Buying Ripple in Canada, USA involves a two-step process. You need to buy Bitcoin (BTC) from Coinbase and exchange it for Ripple in Binance.

Head over to Coinbase, create an account, verify your email, deposit at least $1250 USD and Buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). Once you have BTC or ETH, follow the below steps.

Buy Ripple in Canada

  • Visit Binance and signup, confirm your email.
  • Click on the Deposit, and get your BTC or ETH address.
  • Enter the address in the coinbase and send all the BTC or ETH to the Binance from the Coinbase.
  • Now head over to Exchange -> Basic.
  • Search for XRP/ETH or XRP/BTC depending upon the crypto you transferred.
  • Enter the amount of ripple you want to buy in the amount box and click on the Buy button.

Where to Buy Ripple in Canda

You are done, now you will see the amount of Ripple you purchased in your Binance account. If you have any queries, use the chat box.

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