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This year, American artist Michael Winkelmann (Michael Winkelmann), also known as Beeple, sold his non-fungible token (NFT) artwork “Everydays” on March 11 for $69.3 million, creating history. Beeple’s latest NFT is called “Human One” NFT sculpture sold for $29 million. The artist will update the NFT for the rest of his life on earth.

Beeple’s “Human One” NFT received $29 million, and the artist plans to update his art remotely for the rest of his life

Beeple is making headline News After he sold another multi-million-dollar non-fungible token (NFT) called “Human One” at Christie’s auction house for $29 million 21st Century Evening Sale. Beeple (born Michael Winkelmann) is one of the most famous NFT artists today because of his “Every day: the first 5,000 days“The NFT was sold for $69.3 million. This makes Beeple’s artwork one of the most expensive in the world, and the most expensive NFT sold to date.

“Everydays” was sold through Christie’s auction on March 11, 2021, and Beeple’s latest multi-million dollar NFT auction was also conducted through luxury auction houses. Beeple’s new art is a life-size 3D sculpture and NFT, cast on October 28, 2021. Christie’s describes it as “a dynamic video sculpture-four video screens (16k resolution), polished aluminum metal, mahogany frame, dual media servers; endless videos with corresponding dynamic irreplaceable tokens.”

Human One: “Portrait of Human Being Born in the Metaverse”

buzzer describe His latest NFT art is “the first portrait of a human being born in the meta-universe”. The interesting thing about Beeple’s “Human One” is that his goal is to change it during his lifetime.

This means that owner Ryan Zurrer and any subsequent owners may see the “Human One” artwork changed to whatever Beeple wants to add. These changes may depend on his mood, or they may represent things the artist is considering.

Currently, the life-size 3D sculpture NFT shows a person wearing a silver space suit, boots, helmet and backpack. The 21st century night auction of “Human One” ended on November 8, and the transaction price was 28.985 million US dollars.

“The physical elements are designed to continuously display the artwork. Beeple will maintain remote access to the physical elements to ensure proper functionality and/or enhance the displayed artwork,” Christie’s concluded. “Beeple guarantees that the physical elements do not contain any features designed to impair the continuous display of the artwork.”

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