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On December 31, Mozilla, a software community established in 1998, announced that it would accept donations of encrypted assets through Bitpay. However, shortly after the announcement, many people complained about the company’s decision. A week later, Mozilla announced that it would temporarily give up accepting digital currencies and “suspend the ability to donate cryptocurrencies.”

Mozilla announced the acceptance of cryptocurrencies last week and quickly withdrew it after strong opposition

Last week, Mozilla, the current owner of the Gecko layout engine, Thunderbird email client, and Firefox web browser, revealed that it is accepting encrypted donations through the payment processor Bitpay. “Dabble in Dogecoin? Hold some Bitcoin [and] Ethereum? We are using Bitpay to accept cryptocurrency donations,” Mozilla Tweet then.

Mozilla co-founder Jamie Zavinsky criticize Mozilla made the decision to accept cryptocurrency immediately after the tweet was posted. “Hi, I’m pretty sure, the person running this account doesn’t know who I am, but I founded Mozilla, and I’m here to say fuck you and fuck this,” Zawinski said. “Everyone involved in this project should be extremely ashamed of the decision to cooperate with the Ponzi crook who incinerated the planet.”

Many others Shame Mozilla because of the so-called impact of the crypto industry on climate change. “Bitcoin is very bad for the environment,” Rich Burroughs Replied Tweet to Mozilla. “you might [want to] Reconsider this. Of course, the earth is more important than a web browser. “

April King, another former Mozilla developer and Dropbox security engineer, Responded: Hey Mozilla. You may not remember me, but I created Mozilla Observatory, Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator, improved the Firefox certificate viewer, and made Mozilla secure for five years. I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am with this decision. “

Mozilla held an “important discussion on the environmental impact of cryptocurrency” and then suspended accepting cryptocurrency donations

Mozilla does not seem to take these complaints seriously and responded to the criticism on January 6, 2022. “Last week, we reminded on Twitter that Mozilla accepts cryptocurrency donations. This sparked important discussions about the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies. We are listening and taking action,” Mozilla Say. software company Add to:

Decentralized network technology is still an important area for us to explore, but since we started accepting crypto donations, many changes have taken place. Therefore, starting today, we are reviewing whether and how our current cryptocurrency donation policy meets our climate goals. While we are conducting a review, we will suspend the ability to donate cryptocurrency.

For some time, crypto skeptics have been claiming that digital assets such as Bitcoin are not good for the environment, especially Proof of Work (PoW) mining related to the Bitcoin network.Environmental complaints are Said it is unfounded Many proponents of crypto assets believe that “Bitcoin is one of them The most environmentally friendly Financial network. “

In fact, many people think that the government and the central bank To be blamed Because it destroys the environment. Cryptocurrency advocates emphasized that although energy issues have increased in the last year, No one discusses Support the dollar’s ​​carbon and military violence.

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How do you think Mozilla changed its decision to accept cryptocurrency due to the complaints the company received last week and the so-called environmental issues? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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