Seamless Inter-Blockchain Transactions Using Blockbuster QuickX Protocol


The concept of crypto assets holds a promising future; still, there are many dark spots, and the inability to use it like regular digital money is the foremost amongst them. Until now, crypto assets were acting like a lucrative option for the investors. Money was performing well, but it was blocked, because of the lack of options. An information security company under the flagship name of Secugenius came up with a blockbuster solution in the year 2017, and that is QuickX Protocol.


Time efficiency and cost-effectiveness form the basis of QuickX. “QuickX Protocol” is a decentralized platform to carry out inter-blockchain transactions in a relatively open marketplace. It can be considered as the next big leap for the betterment of blockchain technology. “QuickX Protocol” claims to be able to process 1000’s of transactions per second, and that too, at a surprisingly low cost, which is deemed to be almost negligible. 

The most promising scalable solution to overcome blockchain limitations, “QuickX Protocol” has the power to achieve greater scalability and allows the users of this platform to carry out transactions most transparently; and in a decentralized manner without having to spend much in comparison to transactions in blockchain. The inter-blockchain transaction capability of QuickX makes it a unique platform, which eliminates reliance on intermediaries, bridges the private and public blockchains, improves the liquidity of different crypto assets, and ensures secure and faster transactions. The QuickX Protocol is pretty robust, intelligent, and an efficient platform due to its unique strengths enabling the users to perform interoperable transactions over varied blockchains. With the help of pooling facilitators, the interoperability between blockchains is seamless, less time consuming, and involves almost negligible transaction costs. This unique technology platform ensures complete privacy even in a decentralized blockchain environment, making it the most conducive for almost all blockchain transactions.

When evaluated on time and cost performance as the basis, existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are not only performing slowly but cost dearly as well. Bitcoin can manage seven transactions per second, whereas Ethereum can manage around 20 transactions per second. Converting virtual currency to real-life spendable assets, the QuickX platform is much superior as such and has the capability of converting the cryptocurrency into legitimate spending by a user with the help of pooling facilitators in a completely decentralized manner. Now, people can directly pay to businesses using their crypto assets in real-time and with next to zero cost. QuickX platform supports multi-crypto assets, wherein the user can initiate a B2B or B2C transaction. The user can make payment to any wallet easily. However, the wallets that support and implement QuickX Protocol can make inter-blockchain transactions instantly at a negligible cost.

Previously, Bitcoin asset holders, who wished to convert their assets from Bitcoin to Ethereum, needed two steps before they could actually make a blockchain transfer. Firstly, Bitcoin assets need to be converted to Ethereum assets through an exchange, and then as a second step, they needed to send these Ethereum assets to a wallet supporting Ethereum. Thus, sending crypto assets from one wallet to another is not only time consuming, but also there is an associated network transaction fee for every single blockchain transaction. Thus, as a crossover solution to expedite these transactions, QuickX Protocol provides the solution to this problem.

“QuickX Protocol” is being considered as a unique one-stop solution that enables its users to carry out crypto assets conversions within seconds. It is a unique platform where different  blockchains can interact and interoperate. The biggest advantage of this platform is that one can carry out cross-blockchain transactions at a minimal cost. In the days to come, this unique technology platform can rewrite the rules of liquidity that a person can enjoy while using any cryptocurrency. Started with seed money of $1.2 million, this decentralized platform has all the good reasons to become the next axis of cryptocurrency based transactions.

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